Sunday, 30 November 2014

2 Weekly Post (17th November - 23th November)

To start this off, I'll say hi.

Hi. How are you? Good, good, okay.

I was really groggy at the start of the week. I had a nightmare. Intensity: Hard to sleep. I was drowsy, and it was a miracle that I could actually walk to school. And not fall down. But school was great, and also, after school, my so-called 'sickness' disappeared! Amazing, to be said!

Tuesday was a bit of a normal day. A bit. Because half the school was racing! And who wouldn't want to race if they were terribly sick the previous day? Me! But I still ran. Not only that, but another thing happened. A mixed team for a touch tournament went for the day, and I was never informed. But there were signs. There was the notice about, the talk about it, but do I listen when I'm sick? No, not really, sadly.

Unfortunately, the should I say this...uh...lost. Sorry for anyone who went there and are currently reading this. But hi anyway!

Besides from that, they did their best, at least that's what I thought. THEY said they didn't do a good job. Oh well. They did a good job.

Onto Wednesday now, it was probably the funniest day of the week. Why? The first house meeting for the houses in the Athletics Day. Racing one. I was laughing and cheering by how funny one session could be. But I wasn't the only one. Chasity was bursting the jokes, as someone would each year.

Then Thursday came. On that day I suppose it was the day of the Athletics try-outs. Field Events, this one. People usually said that I would make it into the high jump. Because I'm tall. I'm practically six foot tall, for goodness sake, how could I possible fail it this year?

Because I failed it last year. Ironic, isn't it?

So after a while, guess what? I made it! Hooray! Now I am in the finals in the AAIMS Athletics for the Year 7 and 8's. Great, now I'm versing other guys from other schools. Better have faith.

Later in the afternoon we had our second and last house meeting of the week. Because Athletics Day was tomorrow. The racing athletics. It was funnier as was yesterday (if that makes sense), and I never knew the other houses had newer techniques, especially Tripoli. You see, they won the last two years in a row. Now I was hoping we wouldn't come last.

Then the big day came.

Tobruk was in the lead fro being the loudest team throughout the 'marching' part. And I was pretty confident. So confident I even came second in the heats. Isn't that a miracle!

Then a whole lot of things happened, I met some people from the past and some new people and my dad came along, and after seeing me almost die in front of him after running four-hundred metres, he said I need to train! Ha!

Okay, so, moving on to the big moment. After all the races, after almost dying literally 5 times, and after a quick drink, we all found out who won this year's Athletics Day.


So, yeah, we were happy and cheering, while the other houses...they didn't seem too excited about our win...

Anyway, it was a great way to end the school week.

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