Wednesday, 5 November 2014

2 Late Post


I forgot about this!

Mostly because my netbook was left at school. But that won't matter as I will just explain some parts of what happened in the last fortnight. Speaking of night, Halloween shadows were in the air, and some people who I knew came to my house. Unfortunately, we didn't have any lollies to give, but that was because there was SUPPOSED to be practise for church, which is Christmas, but then, at last minute, half the youth decided to go trick-or-treating, and I was left at home, with no costume planned or made in time.

It was sad. Especially when people read the sign saying "NO TREATS HERE" because "Sorry, No Treats Here" wasn't good enough, according to some people. But anyway, it was more annoying when Abbie kept opening the door to people, who then said "Trick or Treat!" and then I would have to say "Sorry" and then, when they ask me questions, I cut it short, closing the door, with the sign clear on the front.

No treats here.

But that was Halloween. In the weekend it was boring without my netbook. That way I would've done the 2WB on time. But did I? Nope. Dang you charger, which was broken due to SOMEONE who used it on their netbook, which was later found out to be the 2011 netbook model, and my netbook is the 2012 model, so using a 2012 charger on a 2011 charger? To me, that gave me a loss of a charger.

Then there was a time of Friday 24th of October I think it was, where the Student Council (actually me, Mavis and Chasity) planned an assembly that was really rushed, because we only had 4 hours to plan, and to set up. Then when the actual assembly came on, it was probably one of the bad ones, to be honest.

But it was rushed, what'd you expect? Rushing is never good in a situation like this.

And Labour Day! (sorry if I'm picking random dates) Yeah, nothing happened here, except for the weirdest thing that happened to me. One minute, Abbie was eating the tub of chocolate ice-cream that we were SUPPOSED to save for later, and so, I took it off her and said to myself that, "I will not eat this and will save it for later", and then the weirdest thing happened...

I ate the rest of the ice-cream.

And after a lot of hard work and lots of hard tests, especially the maths one, where half the test was all college-y stuff. I didn't even know what pi was! Was it fractions?! Was it geometry?! No, it was numbers, I don't know!?!

Anyway. Here I am, saying to you...bye.


Oh! And right now as I'm writing this I can hear fireworks bursting into the sky. If you closed your eyes hear, it's practically a war. Bang!.....Bang! Bang! Bang!

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