Sunday, 12 October 2014


Today is Sunday and also, the last day of the school holidays. Sad, as I was getting used to the routine. :(

It was pretty busier than I expected. Like last year. Earlier today I went to church for a White Sunday service. I had fun. Everyone had fun. It was so great to be performing in front of church, and Manu Vatuvei. Yes, him. And I've got the picture to prove it.

Okay, it's on my Mum's phone. But I do have footage of me dancing in one of the skits we were doing...on my Mum's phone, also.

I'll upload it when I get the time. Or the bluetooth. Or the phone.

Anyway, school is tomorrow, marking the start of the last term of the year. Yay...but still, most of my friends are Year 8's, and they're going at the end of the year, so, get my tissues, it's gonna get emotional in 11 weeks time. Including this week, the last week of the holidays.

Manu Vatuvei is taller than me. Gotta admit that. He was at the White Sunday Service. He's married to the daughter of one of the women at church. I know her name, but, privacy, you know.

So, I better head off know, to get the footage, and to get ready for school tomorrow! Haven't said that in a while (get it?).

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