Wednesday, 1 October 2014

This Weekly Post!

Hello, Blog.

It's been nice in Auckland for a couple days into the school holidays. Been to the practise for White Sunday. Had to learn a speech that was in Samoan for the day (White Sunday, of course), and some other stuff happened.

Okay. Other than that, nothing happened. Only played on my netbook. But I need a reason to be on this, so, here I am. Typing this post about my thoughts on what's happening at the moment in my life. While trying to beat a level of Gravity Guy.

No one's online, so I'll just keep talking. How's your day going, Mr or Mrs or Miss or Ms Reader? Ha, thought I'd just babble on without asking a question, did ya?

I thought so.

Dad's outside doing something. Painting from a can. Onto these benches he built last year or so. Both (yes, he made two, which was pretty good thinking because of the quantity of people we sometimes get, like my uncle's 21st, which you can find on a post I did earlier this year) benches were made in under a day, and that was pretty fast.

Abby's outside as well. And I can see clearly enough, she's sitting down on the concrete. Ooh, look, it's 4:00 on the dot. Yay!

What else should I talk about? Oh yeah, something that's coming up. In a couple days, my Mum may be attending my great uncle's service, which I forgot the name of (oh my goodness!). This service celebrates one year after his passing.

At the time where he passed away, the whole family was devastated. Everyone. Especially me, and I had only met him at some moments in my life, like when he came to pick up my nana, who was previously here but had to go back to Samoa.

Speaking of Samoa, guess what came to my house last night? Gifts and food from Samoa! Don't think of it as just normal food, it was like, banana chips with extra flavour (probably salt), biscuits that tasted extremely nice, and other stuff like taro and cocoa and coconuts and all the rest.

Now, getting back to my great uncle. Since my mum was related to my great uncle, she went along to the place where everything was getting prepared. Like the funeral. And the calling. And the service.

She took the car.

And was gone for many hours. She went there almost everyday, and if you think that's sort of, somehow sad for us, she even went on Wednesday. The day she usually goes shopping.

That ruined the schedule. She went on Thursday. And then the funeral came along. I was warned not to go, as sad feelings would be there, also.

So I didn't go. The only thing I saw from the funeral were pictures of the event. Stills of people crying, and the man himself. Depressing, people would say. He was a great man. I wished I hugged him the last time I saw him. That was just, as of now, 2 years ago.

Pretty sad. Pretty sad indeed.

But, on a lighter note, it's the school holidays! I get to take a rest from the working and stay home cleaning. Brilliant (!).

Well, that's quite it for today. Thank you for reading.


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