Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween Blogpost

Hello People reading this blogpost right now,

As you have heard, and probably knew since you were young, Halloween is coming any day now (because this post is from May 25th, scheduled for Oct. 30). I absolutely adore Halloween, the children wearing costumes, whereas for some they put on a mask that looks scary and start walking. The worst part of it is giving the lollies. It's like a game, where the rules are:
  1. You cannot eat any lollies, unless it is 10:00PM
  2. If it is past 10:00PM, you WIN!
  3. If it is not yet 10:00PM, and the lollies are finished, you LOSE!
  4. No cheating, such as:
  • Having the lollies extremely early (e.g 4:00PM)
  • Putting up signs saying, "No lollies here."
  • Lying to trick-or-treaters
  • Not answering the door, then having them walk away
  • Telling people before Halloween to not come to your house
     5. Winning prize: Lollies!
     6. Losing Prize: Nothing....beside food you usually have

I hope it's better than last year, an estimated 8 people in total came for lollies, which means...I WON! 

Wait, if there are more coming this year wouldn't that mean I would lose?

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