Sunday, 19 October 2014

2 Weekly Post - Week Two (Week One of School)

Hi, again.

This is the second part of the 2 Weekly Post. This week was the first week of school. It was pretty good at the start. People complimenting my hair. I just missed my amazing dreams about amazing things that looked real. I mean, on Sunday night (Sunday 12th) I just dreamt of flashing lights and lasers. I mean, why?!

I loved those vivid dreams!

Now, back to school. It was 7:50am maybe when I left home for school. It was because there was a possible chance of Breakfast Club happening on the first day of Term 4. I saw Mavis the moment I walked out. Like, I walked in the school, dropped off the black netbook bag, then walked out the other way. Then I saw Stanley. With Sau.

After a quick reunion with me, we all went to the hall. Well, Mavis, LJ and Aunty went inside and went the other way, while me, Stanley, and Sau stayed outside and walked to the hall entrance. After getting inside, we quickly discovered there was no Breakfast Club, but at least we came early.

Okay, moving on, the first day was great. People hanging out, people getting along, people getting...funnier by the minute. But little did they know I caught the sick sickness called "Fever". Even I didn't know what I had, I was worried I may have made a new disease. I had dry coughs, a runny nose, a blocked nose, phlegm being spit out of my mouth all the time, headaches, high temperatures. Just hoped it wasn't contagious, because I saw others cough while with me.

Tuesday and Wednesday was normal, just a bit sick. I kept feeling hot inside, but I could still withstand hot temperatures in the outside world. And I kept sleeping everywhere. Before I eat, BANG! Before I fold a jumper, BANG! Before I turn off the television to save power, BANG! It was so annoying. I didn't even have a proper dream. Just colours that floated around me. Or was that light?

So, after having enough for what seemed like a week, because the sickness came in the holidays, I went to the doctors on Thursday. And guess what happened?

I went to the hospital later that day.

And I couldn't go to school on Friday. Dang you, doctor's orders. I mean, I just had a small job I had to start on Friday, and well guess what? The garden might be tormented, having no protection against the little children's feet. And also, not to forget, senior children! I mean, come on!

Friday was a bit hectic, when I tried to tell someone a message, but guess what? They just simply exited! I can't say any names (*coughs* Chasity *coughs*), but wow, that was a big cough, wasn't it.

1:55pm. Let me just e-mail her about the thing right now.

2:08pm. Okay. I'm back.

Now, the days after Thursday were pretty much nothing. Especially today. This weekend compared to last weekend, last weekend was epic.

Yeah, pretty sure last weekend was epic and cool.


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