Sunday, 19 October 2014

2 Weekly Post, on track. Week One!


This is the first week of the two weeks of the 2 Weekly Post. This week was the last week of the holidays. It was sad. I just got used to sleeping in everyday and having very vivid dreams. I once had one where Simon, friend of mine, was walking towards the entrance of the school with his family, and I was at the door. It was all too blurry, but the characteristics were right. The hair gave it away.

But first, let me start off with this. The first day of the holidays, the 27th of September, maybe. I was at the Church Donation Car Wash again, but this time it was amazing, the best time of my life. Me and my friends telling jokes in front of the elders, and then telling funny stories and then joking about that story, and then up to the point where I had enough, I just blew out the liquid that was in my mouth due to how funny the joke was.

" was quite disgusting. She wanted me to do it." one friend said.
"Let me cried." the other friend said, who was the sister of the friend that said the other thing.

I burst out laughing.

Now, back onto the last week of the holidays.

Most of the weekdays were dedicated to the White Sunday preparations on, you guessed it, Sunday. That meant that there were more practises than I thought. One on Monday, one on Wednesday, and also, I had a haircut on that day for the day, like every single year, then there was one on Thursday, I think, which may have been the barbecue, but first let me talk about that.

Thursday (I think)
The barbecue was the best of all the ones recently. Sure, some fires happened, but they were beaten down quickly on the barbie. Waiting for it to cook with less than 10 people there at about 11:30am, I thought I would kill some time talking about random stuff.

Then the next thing I knew...

It ended with me being scared by a live spider.

Later on in the afternoon, I think, I didn't actually know the actual time, because apparently, no one seems to wear watches these days. Me too. But the story about losing the watch includes water, so I hope you can piece together what happened.

Now, as I said, before I talked about water and watches, the others came in, coming from cars into the house, the garage, or out to the backyard. First I was in the garage, then started walking around to places I didn't know.

And then at about 5:00pm, and I never knew it would be that quick, the practise started. Singing and dancing and praying and playing and joking and speaking and...dancing again and doing skits for the day, and then at the end of it we got to eat, but suddenly I ended up playing touch with the youth. It was like, the funniest game of touch I have ever played in my life! I mean, we were all laughing, and it just got louder and louder.

Then, the most beautiful sunset appeared in front of my eyes. "Someone take a picture!" I yelled, but I took a mental picture of it in my head. So amazing. The clouds and the sun just right there in your field of vision. And the sound of happiness just fills your heart. Wow, any longer and this would be a poem. Now, moving on.

Now, Friday was where things kicked off for me and my dancing skills. In one skit I found I was in it, one of the people who was dancing, trying to get stuff off the protagonist, then run away as someone beats him up. I had to improvise. What dance can I do to this beat? I thought. Then I found it.

Twerk. But, let me explain. I don't twerk. I just don't. So I "tweak". Where I just shake my lower part in front of the person in the back of me. People were amazed I could do that. Miracle, I should say.

Then Saturday came up, which was the rehearsal. Mum was there, and so she saw the dance. Laughing out loud, she talked about it afterwards. Not to forget, the other performances were amazing too. Then the day came. Sunday.

It was a pretty good day. No rain at all. Just sunniness and happiness all around. We went to church and everyone was wearing white. Inside the hall we were all singing, and then were praying and singing at the same time. I felt empowered while in that. Very empowered.

Then after doing our bible verses, and amazingly everyone was clapping when I said mine, and then said "Have a great White Sunday, everyone.". That felt very loving. Of course they were clapping for everyone, to be fair. Then the skits came in. In one skit I was an ambulance doctor, trying to save a patient, but he passed on. So sad. The ambulance officers were there and we were looking down.

Then there was the girl's dance. Pretty good result, no one stopping at all, like all the other times. Wow. Then after another skit was on, which was the skit where I would somehow "tweak" in front of everyone (we were on stage, obviously they saw me). When I did it people were screaming and cheering, in a good way, thankfully. Especially my mum.

She was laughing out loud. Literally. In the footage one lady yelled, "You dance like your dad!", although she was laughing afterwards. Pretty funny.

After the last skit and dance, where in this one there is pastor and then later on these chiefs come in and threaten to kill his children, and they do, but soon after, I think, I couldn't see because I'm one of the people who were left alive but crying because of, you know, what happened. Anyway, something miraculous happened, and then the curtains drew. After a while, we did the last performance which was a dance. Pretty cool moves, you know?

I just wish I got the footage. Dang.

And I DID meet Manu Vatuvei for real. He sometimes comes to my church. I just never noticed. Obviously because I have to look after my brother. He's really bad at not touching other people's hands. Especially not squeezing them. Besides, he talks while we all pray. Or groans.

Or could that be me?

No, it was surely him.

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