Market Day (or Friday 19th) + 2 Weekly Post Conclusion

It was morning.

I was in the hall. With other students.

It was an hour before the moment it started. 11:00 a.m.

I was a photographer, along with Tanisslous and Quitah, and we were in charge of taking photos and videos of the Market Day. And interviewing some people, of course.

An hour later. Parents have already arrived, and have started buying and drinking and eating and all that sort of stuff.

With Quitah in the Kapa Haka group, she gave me her camera. It was so advanced. It was like the silver camera I used to film a part in T.P.S News once, but it was black, and more...advanced. It was like it was in HD. HD, I like. So I filmed the whole performance, and that made me worried. Lucky, I still had 9 minutes and 41 seconds left. Like before I filmed the performance. 9 minutes, and 41 seconds left. Weird timing. Get it? Timing? Time? You'll get it...

Anyway, I saw some people that used to be at Tamaki Primary. like Romeo, Khylie, Fili, all the rest. I interviewed them, and it was quite funny.

The Samoan Group were up next, and this time, I had two things recording at the same time! It was great! Up to the part where it got frustrating. All worth it though, I got it at the end. Yes!

Interviewing some more people, and then interviewing Mary-Jane, I then made the biggest mistake of the day. When trying to delete that footage, the setting said this:


And from that, I thought the 'frames' was the frames in that single video, but instead, it was all the footage on the camera deleted. Gone. Poof. Forever.

Dang. Because of that I blamed Mary-Jane, as she was the closest person to me, and also, I DELETED ALL THE FOOTAGE ON THE CAMERA.

But you know what they say, nothing's gonna slow you down. So I moved on and took pictures and videos. I took a lot at the end, and maybe forgot about the deletion. I took a video of Loni who won a dancing competition, and as they say, it was on tape, just to mention again. Everyone screaming, which obviously meant he won. Good for you, Loni.

That was then the market was finished. We finished off with a prayer and cleaned up. Well, the Year 7 and 8's. Me and Mary-Jane went to take the camera equipment to Room 7. Then we saw Mary, who asked for us to open the classroom door to put Miss Kyla's stuff there. Turns out she brought Quitah's 3D Art piece.

By then, Mr Wong came to open the class door. Then the bell rang. The class was a mess. Oh yeah, I helped out with some of the tables to be put in the elevator, then to be taken into Room 7, because Room 8 was already done. I brought a table with Kini up the stairs, then a table up the elevator guessed it, Mary-Jane.

Now, back to when the bell rang. I volunteered to help with cleaning up the classroom. I was so close to throwing an umbrella out the window. But Mr Wong caught me. It would be quicker, since Ma'asi was outside, down there. But it ended in Ma'asi running up the stairs, grabbing them off me, then running down the stairs.

After a while I went downstairs to the office, after Mr Wong said it was all good in the classroom, finally. I saw Mary-Jane on a phone, and I got it so wrong...

Mary-Jane: ......I love you...
I look at her...
Mary-Jane: I'll see you later...
Hangs up phone...
Me: So...who was that? Hmm?
Looks smart
Mary-Jane: My nan...
Smart look goes away
Me: Oh...

And then we said our goodbyes...literally...

Mary-Jane: Well....see ya
Me: Bye...
I walk away...
Mary-Jane: Bye...
I turn around...
Me: Bye, Mary-Jane
She comes back to me...
Mary-Jane: Bye, Willy.
She walks away, then I sneak back to her
Me (whispers): Bye....
I run to hide, but she finds me...
Mary-Jane: Bye, Willy!

She got the last "Bye..."


Now, moving on from Friday. On Saturday, the NZ General Election was broadcasted live on television. I know by fact that National won the election, and that John Key is now on his third term (I think) as Prime Minister.

Then today, Sunday, came. I went to my second practise for White Sunday earlier this evening, taking place in Otara, in a hall near a marae. We did a play rehearsal, and then a dance, and then a song, and then ended with having cocoa rice, with bread. Loved it.

That was it for this week. I hope you had a great fortnight, as well.


  1. I am really starting to notice how you are controlling sentence lengths for effect, Willy. It's really engaging and helps me to get an idea of your voice as an author voice. It was a really great week, last week and Market Day was so successful. Thanks for getting most of it on camera!

  2. Greetings from Melbourne! I love reading about the 'Willy and Mary-Jane' saga, very funny!


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