Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fishing Methods

The sea is full of sea creatures, especially fish. Some people usually use techniques to fish out sea creatures, but some of those techniques could damage part of the sea. Here is some of those fishing practices.

Dredging is sometimes bad for the deep seafloor. With the equipment use a steel cage, and the purpose of catching shellfish such as crabs, oysters, scallops, and clams, it also has the ability to damage the seafloor, and anything that inhabits it. Another problem this also brings is...bycatch, catching anything unwanted in the oceans.

Another practice that sometimes damages the seafloor is trawling. With the equipment using a net and a boat, not only that it can also method could possibly be catching the same sea creatures as the dredging method. It also takes different creatures, which are not the creatures it’s supposed to catch, without no judgement., and could also damage the seafloor. We can all fix this and reduce this problem by finding a more efficient way to catch many creatures, that won’t damage the seafloor, and will also not catch any unwanted creatures.

One last example of a fishing practice that sometimes damages the seafloor or the sea is gillnetting. With the ability to catch fish and other sorts of sea creatures with a big net connected to a boat, it can also cause problems for anything that is not a fish, or is anything that won’t be used at all. In a way, we can help reduce this problem from all the time to sometimes, by checking the ocean area for any unwanted species of sea creatures, and then dropping the nets in, or even, encourage others to end overfishing. It’s as simple as that.

So there you go. This information report has included some facts about some of the many fishing practices that occur on a daily basis, although there are some practices that could harm or even damage the ocean. Altogether, if we stand up for the ocean and protect it by thinking of a way to solve it, our oceans will be protected for a long period of time. With this information report comes the main message: Many fishing practices has a purpose, catching fish, but with this purpose comes a disadvantage (overfishing, bycatch, commercial fishing, etc.).

Thank you for reading.

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