Sunday, 21 September 2014

2 Weekly Post - Week One (8th - 14th Sep)

Hello, Blog!

On this week, it was partly normal. Normal routine. School. Kiwican. Student Council Workshop Meeting on Wednesday. Technology on Thursday.

Now I got something!
Some people in the school in the Arts Technology group did some amazing and fabulous art designs around the school. There was a Spongebob, an angler-fish, a waterfall I think, an angry fish, and lots of other creations.

For Arts and Crafts, my group, Group One, was supposed to be in 3D Art. Unfortunately, Whaea Petra wasn't there. So, the group was split. Amazingly, I was the only person from Group One to go back to the Loom Bands group.

But this time I was better than the last time I was in the group. But there was another twist.

I wanted to do something else.

This one time, a week ago or two, I was to do a job where I took photos of children that were on a list. It was for a variety thing or something, but now that I think about it, I shouldn't spoil it. Hmm...

Anyway, I did the job right this time, and after a few minutes of almost chasing someone for a photo, and finding out someone didn't want to take a photo in front of people, I was done.


But I forgot Maopa. Oops.

But anyway I did most of the children in under 30 minutes. Most.

Then on Friday it was quite great.

We had a Duffy Assembly. I may have done a post about it. Maybe, maybe not, I still remember being there. One of the guests there were Joshua, and he is well known for his speech, Brown Brother, which when he said on the first time, was uploaded to YouTube, and became a hit. His speech was inspirational, and he said that said speech at the Duffy Assembly.

Amazing. Beautiful.

Right before the assembly, I met him, recognized him but couldn't figure it out. Shook his hand and introduced myself, and he introduced himself. "Nice name" I said.

First impressions count. And that was a bad one.

You see, whenever I meet someone new, or an adult, or a visitor, sometimes they know me, but don't know my name. The greatest guess they do is "Joshua". I quite like that name. But my name is Willy.

Overall, the Duffy Assembly was great.

Last Sunday, I went to my first practise for White Sunday this year.

It went quite well. I didn't actually know I was going to be a part of this for this year, because I don't really go to church that much. Don't worry, I have a reason. My brother. Don't worry, he's autistic. And we really don't want to get the family name down with him doing something random while we're praying.

I came back home from Otara, at about 8:00 p.m. The curtains were still open, and not to forget the windows. Brilliant. Then I found out that the people still at the house (Dad, Abbie, and Martin) were upstairs all this time! Besides dinner, they were downstairs, obviously.

Then after a while I went to sleep early for Monday, which was this Monday (the 15th September).

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