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2 Weekly Post - Week 2

Hello, again.

This week. A busy week for the school, and me. But let me tell you a story before I move on:

Earlier this year, my reading group, the Royal Pages, entered a film competition. The theme was 'How is the Treaty of Waitangi still relevant today?'. We made it, and by the end of Term One, we finished.

The next term. The results arrived. We came...second, but still, we still got to go to Waitangi.

Unfortunately, I couldn't come. I had my reasons. Well, sort of. Moving on...

The Student Council got to come as well.

They went on Monday...

So they went in the morning, because it would be a 4-hour drive. I said my farewells, as they would be gone for 3 days. Almost cried, but sadly, and amazingly, I didn't. Just had the feeling. But Quitah cried. Sad. I just hope the end of the year won't be as bad as this.

Good thing from that was, I would be the only Student Councillor for three days! Yaay.....

All by myself, don't wanna be
All by myself, anymore.....anymore....

In class, our teacher was...Mr Lintott! Forgot how to spell his name, but you'll get it. It felt like 2011, because, well, I was in his class in 2011. I had long hair...anyway, there were some people that were good, and some were bad, I think. We all had a good day. I knew we'd bond without the 'ones' gone.

Don't tell them I said that.

Also, while they were gone, I was in charge of T.P.S News. Yep, sir, or madam, I had T.P.S News all to myself. With trust, of course, Miss Fepuleai did trust me to get out of class to film, only parts of learning, not the whole block...hmm....


Another day,

Okay, yesterday's interview didn't go so well, with the camera dying, and then die. So, me and Stanley went out to try again. After the interview, which turned out great, it was Morning Tea. Little kiddies running around the hall, with no supervision. I have a problem with little kids making noise and mess, do I? First there's the doctor's, now the hall. Then girls, who are from the Senior Syndicate, walking around the hall, and the weirdest thing was, they were there for no apparent reason.

Thanks a lot, open door...

And so, another day of filming was finished.


More people were gone. For a tournament. Which I went. For a short time. To take photos, and possibly a video. I just hope the footage isn't deleted.

Ooh. Dang.

Thanks a lot, sunshine.

Back at school, where the lighting was a bit darker, Room 7 were in our class for the day. There were some people in Room 7 that really surprised me, with their attitude. I should talk about it. Better get to the good side of the day.

After lunchtime, or, to be specific, editing time, I was about 10 minutes late for Staffroom Duty. Thanks a lot, iMovie. Ma'asi was furious, as she was the only one working. I said the same thing I did in Morning Tea, where I was also late...

'Ooh, there you are. Sorry, I was doing something.'

And she was in the same position, kneeling down, holding something in her hand (luckily, not a knife), with the dishwasher open. She was mad.

While walking around the school to get any cups from the teachers. I got a plate and 3 cups. Yay. I saw the teams that were at the tournament. Coincidence? I don't know.

Back in the staffroom, Ma'asi is complaining about me taking too much time. Too much time, 10 minutes doesn't sound long to me. I mean, 30 minutes felt like 10 minutes. Anyway, we finished.


In technology, we made mussel fillets. Amazing! They looked and tasted familiar. Dang, forgot.

Editing time! This was the day the people who went to Waitangi were coming back, and it was also the last day of being the 'lone wolf' in the three days. Never forget those times. After morning tea, the small but working group were doing the last origami lesson. It was cool, I made a...what was it called? Hmm...

Seriously, I forgot. I can't believe it.

Goodness! I forgot what it's called! Dang!


As always, something happens on Friday that always stays with me during the weekend. This time, it was about friends, but I shouldn't talk about it. Let's move on.

It was normal for the Student Council and the Royal Pages, who did a movie, and some extra work, if you know what I mean. I did my part of the filming, and that was just my part. Benny Hill, you saved my life. And time, to continue on. Anyway, the movie they made was about their trip to Waitangi. Amazing, if you ask me.

If only I went. But I couldn't.

Don't blame me, I had my reasons.

No you didn't!

Oh, shush, random person, no one knows you!

Now, anyway, a friend of mine, who, now, is my best friend (I don't know how this happened, she just asked, I said yes, then the 'friend-to-best-friend' hugged me), was bothering me, or, I was bothering the friend. This seriously reminded me of 2011, man. Dealing with friends, starting netbooks, other stuff.


Right now, as I am writing, it is Father's Day. A day to honor our father's with celebrations, gifts, gift cards, cards, flowers, lollies, ice cream, sugar, etc.

Dad, Mum, and Abbie went to church for the celebration, while I was left here, with my brother. They came back with food, but sadly, I ate a lot of food at the wrong time, and wasn't able to eat for 2 hours. Then the lollies and ice cream came in. Right now, at about 8:17 p.m, I have a minor stomach-ache. Eating too much chocolate ice-cream, and eating too much Moro mini-bars.

At least Dad's happy. Except for the fact that I let him do the dishes. On Father's Day.

Ha! I remember last year's Father's Day, I was writing in my diary, in big letters...

Today is Fat!

I was supposed to write, "Today is Father's Day!" but instead I stepped out of the world for a second, and then realized the mistake. Especially when I said it in a happy voice. Ha!

Anyway, that was my fortnight.

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