Sunday, 21 September 2014

2 Weekly Post - Week 2 (Mon 15 - Thur 18 September)

Hello, Blog.

This week was just so out of line.

The student council had a meeting in the morning block. It was about the Market Day which I will be later on be talking about. We were making signs on Google Drawing, and then printed them out, and then glued them, or laminated them. Then did some little extra work, then we were done!

Practises for the groups performing on the day of the Market were on full alert. The groups were the Samoan group, the Tongan group, the Technology Band, the School Band, the Kapa Haka group, and the...I think that was it, really.

Then in the afternoon, I went to the staffroom to Miss Kyla for this thing I was going to do. It was...

My Blog Log.

Pretty cool name, isn't it? It was something I wanted to do after an e-mail was forwarded to me by Miss Kyla about Mrs Burt showcasing me in something which I somehow forgot. It sounded cool. And it was being held in Melbourne, Australia, so I was going to be showcased to many people in Australia!


Anyway, I did a practise run, thought about what I was gonna say, and then....failed in my first try at home.

I was SO distracted. There was homework, then the Inquiry research, then there was an internet failure for about 20 minutes, and I couldn't do anything by then, and then it was about 9 o'clock and my charger kept playing up, and so my netbook wasn't charged by then, and so later on I had to plug it in for the next morning.

There, my distraction. My own netbook. Weird, if you ask me.

Tuesday came.

Practises for the groups were still going. I was almost by myself in lunchtime. No wait, I probably was all by myself...

The morning block was busy. I was doing my recording for my Blog Log. And that meant I didn't join in on my group, Group One. They were doing 3D Art. I was in Room 8, which, involved the Loom Bands Group. Amazing. After I said I wouldn't come in again because it was just for a day.

The recording result was good, and I got to blog it! Again, it was called, "Blog Log", where I share my thoughts on blogging. A big first for me...


Wednesday was so fuzzy. I know the Student Council was a bit low on the Councillors. Why? Kapa Haka practise. Mm-hmm. Besides from talking about something random, we talked about the date for the Loud Shirt Day Fundraiser. Can't really give the details now.


For technology, the food technology group prepared scones. It was yum at first, but then the cream just went FLOP! on the table when I was bending over. The scone was in my mouth. And I didn't even save it. That's how good it was. Yum...

For Arts and Crafts....I don't know what I did, because I was doing something with some other people. Lots of visitors from Wellington were coming. I needed to prepare myself. At lunch most of the people went to their practises (see what I mean), leaving just me and Ma'asi (sure Ma'asi is not a councillor, but she does know a lot about a netbook) in the library, whispering to each other (because the visitors were in the other room).

After lunch, we did it. Although more Student Councillors came than before. Me and Chasity took a lady, and we introduced ourselves to her. Well, let's say I introduced myself to her, and shook her hand. We showed her around the classrooms that use netbooks for e-learning. Then to Room 2, where technology is also used in learning, then after a long mistake, we were back at the library.

Me, Chasity, and Simon (because he was mostly helping us with making conversation) did it perfectly.

At the end of the day, I thought I lost my netbook. Why? When I was called to the showing around, I left my netbook in Room 6, where my group was at doing some art.

Friday will be in a separate post due to the quantity of events that happened. Why? Two words...

Market Day.


Callum Parker said...

Hi Willy. Greetings from Melbourne! I've been reading your blog as part of a Google summit. I love how personal and insightful your blog is. Keep it up!

Mark Bunyi said...

Hi Willy, I'm also at the Google Summit. Your blog is amazing!
All the best!

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