Friday, 29 August 2014

Early Post!

Hey, Blog.

I know the 2 Weekly Post isn't on until one more week (I think), but I desperately can't keep it in much longer.

Yesterday, it was Miss Kyla's birthday.

Simon suggested to me that I could do a rap for her. At first I said no, because let's face it, I'm not that much into rapping, but after a moment thinking the night before, I decided to do it. After arranging the lyrics, I managed to write the full song...

Then came the day...

It was almost 3 o'clock. Me and Simon had no time to waste, and besides, the whole class would probably be there before 3. After just one practise, we were good. Except for me, as I didn't realize I was actually going to do the rap in front of the class. Then we did it.

It was called, "It's Your Birthday", a parody of "Fancy".

Verse One
First things, first, you’re our teacher
No wait, an inspirational leader (yes, a leader!)
And you’re the greatest in the bidness
We have proof, you know
And we’re the ones who are a witness (right time)
Most of the time we just call you “Miss” (but!)
There is nothing in the world you can’t fix (yeah!)
You fix lies, everyone, even six!
We tell you
‘Cause we know you have some tricks (have some tricks!)
Where we go if the marker pens were munted?
Even problems that made us disgusted? (yuck!)
When opportunities were busted
Just one name that’s always trusted!

It’s your birthday!
Obviously, you know!
You've fixed many problems,
That just goes to show
It’s your birthday!
We made a song like a pro
Like you, that is a simile (no!)

Verse Two:
Now, back in the ‘10,
Where I was just seven
You were my third teacher
‘Cause you know, what happened
Perhaps now I’m chatting
About you, our Captain,
even though you are a lady
But still, you know, it happens

Okay, you are the top
You just make us pop
With your amazing smile and talent
No wonder why we “Chop!”
And obvious, you’re cool
Everyday you’re at school
Don’t let us worry about getting drowned in that pool

Always say “Glue that, glue that”
and “Do that, do that…”
We know it’s all worth it, ‘cause we do that, do that!
And sometimes we just get out of control
At least we all know that you’re ready to roll

It’s your birthday!
Everyone should know!
You've performed in front of us
No wonder why we vote…
You should take a vacay!
But wait, you are!
At Waitangi, which is far,
and you go Monday

Good behaviour
Taught us the right from wrong
Our learning’s higher
Thanks to you, we made a good song
Check if our homework’s done
Your kind of style is technically fun
You won’t quit ‘til you’re done
Don’t even care if it takes an hour (hour, hour, hour, hour…)

Still rocking that, Miss Kyla?
Got the whole classroom standing with ya
Our writing plan was shocking,
Then you solved it with a talk, and some blocking
Imagine this disaster
What would the world be without ya?
At least you’re our stripper
Stripping off chat might’ve changed us for the better

It’s your birthday
You already know
You beat the others
No offence, you know…
Happy Birthday!
You are such a pro
But here’s a question:
Is it awkward
that I haven’t
mentioned him at all?


That's it for now. Thank you for reading.

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Jennifer said...

WOW!!! I like your happy birthday song about Miss Kyla you've really expressed how great Miss Kyla is. You have really made it your own and I just love it because it is very original.

Keep it up Willy!!!

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