Sunday, 10 August 2014

2 Weekly Post


The last two weeks were quite better than the last two weeks. Did that make sense?

Where to start? Oh yeah, the bike raffle fundraiser. It was held at the Stonefields New World. Arranged in 'slots', me and Chasity were in the middle of the day, or in this case, the second block. Combined with Quitah and Malia's donations raised, we had over one hundred dollars!

Then when Simon and Pate came, well, I don't know how it went out, because one, I wasn't there, and two, they were inside. The people were nice, we had hot chocolates, and they were really hot! Comparing that to the hot chocolate in the staff room, it's close. I was getting the hang of ripping the ticket off. Yeah, it's true.....okay, it's false. I was pretty bad at it.

Oh, yeah! This man was no nice to buy me, Chasity, and Miss Kyla apples! Yum! He might've been a great man, and wherever you are, sir, you saved me from starvation on that day. Thank you.

Now, what's next? Oh, yes! Technology! We were split into two groups, group one and group two. Group one, I think, made cake pops, and they were cold. In a good way! I haven't tasted anything like it! My group (group two), made pancakes! They were nice. Great reviews from the judging, and they said the boys tasted better. No, don't think like that. There were 3 girls and 3 boys. The groups made pancakes, and the girls made theirs "tidy", whereas for us, we made it "kreatyve". Yes, kreatyve. It's creative spelt creatively. < If that's a word.

Continuing on.

The result was the boys winning. Yay. Sad at the end, Group 1 ate most of the pancakes, and I missed out. Oh, well, at least I had 3. Ha! With the cake pops, however...ahem...I didn't eat that much.

The Kawa of Care was on Thursday night last week, also.

Mum was gone for a long time, about and hour and 20 minutes. Yes, I counted the minutes while she was gone. I didn't know the meeting was at 6:30. She went at 6:00. I am so bad at reminding...and remembering.

On Saturday, it was Mum's birthday. At work, it was best, she told me. At home, not so much. The night ended with Dad staying up with his so called "best mate", and me, just talking to myself in my head, while trying to beat the stereo beating the sleep out of everyone, and then waking the next morning to see mum and Abby already at church, and seeing Dad sleeping on the bed for more than 2 hours! But, no, I shouldn't talk about it.


This week was the two syndicate disco's! A lot of money raised! People dancing the day away. Oh! Kelly Tarlton's! Can't believe I forgot about that! I mean, come on, memory, I got to remember something!

Kelly Tarlton's looked small from the outside, but massive on the inside. We were underground. Underground! I have never been under the roads before, besides from the time I was at the Auckland Zoo, and my "group" left me in this tunnel thing, and I almost saw the birth of...well, that's another story.

I was so devastated to find out Kelly Tarlton, founder of Kelly Tarlton's, died in 1985, 7 weeks after the aquarium opened. So sad. Now, moving on from the fact that the founder had kicked the bucket a long time ago, the Ice Challenge. It's not the usual Ice Challenge you usually hear. This Ice Challenge is in italics. Making it different. It involved your arm, the Scott Base (or was it Scott Camp) ice box, and the clock. Stick your arm in there for as long as possible, longest wins.

But warning...

Too long may damage the blood system in your arm, and may be dangerous. Please be supervised by an older and responsible adult. Be careful. May end up in hospital.

Back at school, I felt amazed at all the exhibits I saw at Kelly Tarlton's. The only thing that ruined the feeling was a bad nosebleed. It was so bad, I stayed at school until 3:30 p.m. That was a long time.

Coming up...the second of three supermoons. It's going to be amazing for some on the other side of the earth, as some say that the supermoon may be the biggest in 20 (or more) years. Some others are saying it may be a sign of the end of the world. I say it is false. I mean, remember the last time people said it was the end of the world? Then 2012? Then even BEFORE that?! We wouldn't even be here, but we are.

Thank goodness.

Bye for now.

Be careful with the skies.


Delwyn Jarman said...

Wow! what a lot of interesting things you have written about. I don't know which topic to comment on. Perhaps Kelly Tarlton's made the greatest impression. I love Kelly Tarltons. I couldn't leave my arm in the ice very long - too cold for me.
Keep up the

Miss Lavakula said...

Hi Willy,
It was good to read everything that you had done throughout this week. I was a bit confused about the order of your writing. Maybe you could have put this in two posts rather than one big long one. I have so many things to ask you like: what did you give for your mum's birthday? Did you win a bike for the raffle from the New World in Stonefields? Did you see the supermoon last night? Lots of people have said on the radio this morning that it made them do some really weird things.

Good luck in reaching your 200th post on your blog. You're doing a great job so far! Keep up the awesome blogging.

Miss Nalder said...

Hi Willy,

Wow! You have told us such a lot of information in this post! I am so impressed that you managed to fundraise over $100 with your friends.

It was also interesting to hear that Kelly Talton had died not long after the aquarium had opened.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

From Miss Nalder (Pt England School)

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