Sunday, 24 August 2014

2 Weekly Post - Two of Two

Now, moving on to this week. Now remember, there are some days where nothing happened.

Wednesday 20th
In the meeting the student council have every Wednesday, we were talking about stuff, like T.P.S News. Great memories back then in 2012. You know, I was an editor for the segments, but then something happened. 2013 came. Now, I'm a presenter for T.P.S News! I think, since it's obvious that a Student Councillor would have to do a part in the news. Which is good news, actually.

There was the "promoting the fundraiser" topic going around. Some councilors went off to do it, and the others were doing some work on their netbooks, or, if I can say, a netbook. Or Chromebook. Or Acer. While they were doing work, I was sitting there, doing nothing. Then I did something. Check a letter for Taylor. It was good, just needed a few adjustments.

Then, I did something. I went with Taylor to tell all the Duty Teachers for the Patrol duties. It took some time, but still, we informed the teachers available.

Thursday 21st
In technology, the group made Fried Bread and Marae Mince. Delicious! Although, we did cheat on making the Fried Bread.

Then, after Morning Tea, there was Winter Crafts. Group One, the group that was with the quilling, now at the loom-band making, it was in the hall, the same hall as another group. I forgot what it was, but they did pretty good art, with "NZ" written on them. Great creativity going on in there!

Then after, there was the "delivering the orders" from the hall to the classes. Luckily, for me, I got my order just in time. Thanks, Mum.

The following night I was watching something on television. While doing homework. INXS: Never Tear Us Apart. Great programme, but bad ending. And it's based on the band, INXS. Because of that programme, one of the songs is now stuck in my head. Which affected the next day...

Friday 22nd
Friday was pretty weird, actually. My prediction was right, sunny skies, with no chance of rain, AT ALL. No wonder why Weather Willy was Winter winner! Ha, see what I did there? I hope that counts as an alliteration.

At lunchtime, something happened. Something big. That was weird, but not as weird as I was singing to myself throughout the whole problem, and yes, it was from INXS. I shouldn't explain.

At least the day ended with a laugh.

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Dorothy Burt said...

Your conclusion has masterfully left all your readers hanging....!
Well done.

I notice you have taken to using underlining in your writing. Is this a retro hat tip Willy?

Mrs Burt

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