Sunday, 24 August 2014

2 Weekly Post - One of Two

Hello, Blog.

Due to a suggestion from one of the comments last week, I will, for now, make the 2 Weekly Post into two posts, one about last week, and one about this week. That is a great idea! Now, starting off from last week, and I will skip some days because nothing happened on those days, so...

Last Tuesday (August 12th)
Wala came to our school! It was amazing! A group of dancers performing traditional music and showing tradition dancing from West Africa. At the end, everyone was dancing all around the hall. Amazing.

Last Thursday (14/08/14)
It was Whanau Conferences Day. Short day.

I arrived at school early in the morning. Okay, I was late for breakfast for the first time. Missed the whole thing. At least I helped putting away the tables. Wait, I didn't. I was pretty much too late to help, and eat.

Then technology, and it was sudden for Whaea Selena, since it was a short day, and it would make sense if technology was cancelled, but it wasn't, so...we made some delicious food, with white sauce. I think there was lasagna. Delicious.

After missing morning because I was eating the finished product,

School ended at 12. I went there with my mum, after 2:50, and I talked about my learning with the presentation I made, and the presentation was a handful, if you ask me. I found out some new stuff about my personality, coming from my mum. Here is an example:

Whenever there is a class discussion, and I know what I should say, I will keep my hand down, and listen to others.

And here's my mum:
Whenever there is a seminar, and my mum is there, and there is a person that asks the audience a question, and she knows the answer, she keeps her hand down, and thinks to herself.

Pretty weird. I got my "shyness" from my mum.

Onto last Friday.
I found out only 57% of the class came to the Whanau Conferences. Sad. Room 7 got more, something in the 80's, I suppose. Shoot.

Now, there was a talk about something with the Student Council, and I could tell you, but it's confidential, and I'm the one who says it.

Then there was the school disco. Everyone dancing, of course, when the music started. Different types of music were played through everyone's ears. Raised a lot of money, to the looks of it, since there was a big turnout.

That was it from this week. To read more, scroll up, or down, or maybe just find the second part of the post...

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