Friday, 29 August 2014

Early Post!

Hey, Blog.

I know the 2 Weekly Post isn't on until one more week (I think), but I desperately can't keep it in much longer.

Yesterday, it was Miss Kyla's birthday.

Simon suggested to me that I could do a rap for her. At first I said no, because let's face it, I'm not that much into rapping, but after a moment thinking the night before, I decided to do it. After arranging the lyrics, I managed to write the full song...

Then came the day...

It was almost 3 o'clock. Me and Simon had no time to waste, and besides, the whole class would probably be there before 3. After just one practise, we were good. Except for me, as I didn't realize I was actually going to do the rap in front of the class. Then we did it.

It was called, "It's Your Birthday", a parody of "Fancy".

Verse One
First things, first, you’re our teacher
No wait, an inspirational leader (yes, a leader!)
And you’re the greatest in the bidness
We have proof, you know
And we’re the ones who are a witness (right time)
Most of the time we just call you “Miss” (but!)
There is nothing in the world you can’t fix (yeah!)
You fix lies, everyone, even six!
We tell you
‘Cause we know you have some tricks (have some tricks!)
Where we go if the marker pens were munted?
Even problems that made us disgusted? (yuck!)
When opportunities were busted
Just one name that’s always trusted!

It’s your birthday!
Obviously, you know!
You've fixed many problems,
That just goes to show
It’s your birthday!
We made a song like a pro
Like you, that is a simile (no!)

Verse Two:
Now, back in the ‘10,
Where I was just seven
You were my third teacher
‘Cause you know, what happened
Perhaps now I’m chatting
About you, our Captain,
even though you are a lady
But still, you know, it happens

Okay, you are the top
You just make us pop
With your amazing smile and talent
No wonder why we “Chop!”
And obvious, you’re cool
Everyday you’re at school
Don’t let us worry about getting drowned in that pool

Always say “Glue that, glue that”
and “Do that, do that…”
We know it’s all worth it, ‘cause we do that, do that!
And sometimes we just get out of control
At least we all know that you’re ready to roll

It’s your birthday!
Everyone should know!
You've performed in front of us
No wonder why we vote…
You should take a vacay!
But wait, you are!
At Waitangi, which is far,
and you go Monday

Good behaviour
Taught us the right from wrong
Our learning’s higher
Thanks to you, we made a good song
Check if our homework’s done
Your kind of style is technically fun
You won’t quit ‘til you’re done
Don’t even care if it takes an hour (hour, hour, hour, hour…)

Still rocking that, Miss Kyla?
Got the whole classroom standing with ya
Our writing plan was shocking,
Then you solved it with a talk, and some blocking
Imagine this disaster
What would the world be without ya?
At least you’re our stripper
Stripping off chat might’ve changed us for the better

It’s your birthday
You already know
You beat the others
No offence, you know…
Happy Birthday!
You are such a pro
But here’s a question:
Is it awkward
that I haven’t
mentioned him at all?


That's it for now. Thank you for reading.

Homework T3W6

Here is the homework for this week. It took half the week to finish the homework tasks, but at the end, we finished. I was in a group this time, not by myself.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

IKAN Test!

Here is a snapshot from my Maths Learning Log. It is about my IKAN result...

I will be posting the full presentation later this term.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Student Lead Study T3W5

Here is the Student Lead Study for this week! Enjoy!

2 Weekly Post - Two of Two

Now, moving on to this week. Now remember, there are some days where nothing happened.

Wednesday 20th
In the meeting the student council have every Wednesday, we were talking about stuff, like T.P.S News. Great memories back then in 2012. You know, I was an editor for the segments, but then something happened. 2013 came. Now, I'm a presenter for T.P.S News! I think, since it's obvious that a Student Councillor would have to do a part in the news. Which is good news, actually.

There was the "promoting the fundraiser" topic going around. Some councilors went off to do it, and the others were doing some work on their netbooks, or, if I can say, a netbook. Or Chromebook. Or Acer. While they were doing work, I was sitting there, doing nothing. Then I did something. Check a letter for Taylor. It was good, just needed a few adjustments.

Then, I did something. I went with Taylor to tell all the Duty Teachers for the Patrol duties. It took some time, but still, we informed the teachers available.

Thursday 21st
In technology, the group made Fried Bread and Marae Mince. Delicious! Although, we did cheat on making the Fried Bread.

Then, after Morning Tea, there was Winter Crafts. Group One, the group that was with the quilling, now at the loom-band making, it was in the hall, the same hall as another group. I forgot what it was, but they did pretty good art, with "NZ" written on them. Great creativity going on in there!

Then after, there was the "delivering the orders" from the hall to the classes. Luckily, for me, I got my order just in time. Thanks, Mum.

The following night I was watching something on television. While doing homework. INXS: Never Tear Us Apart. Great programme, but bad ending. And it's based on the band, INXS. Because of that programme, one of the songs is now stuck in my head. Which affected the next day...

Friday 22nd
Friday was pretty weird, actually. My prediction was right, sunny skies, with no chance of rain, AT ALL. No wonder why Weather Willy was Winter winner! Ha, see what I did there? I hope that counts as an alliteration.

At lunchtime, something happened. Something big. That was weird, but not as weird as I was singing to myself throughout the whole problem, and yes, it was from INXS. I shouldn't explain.

At least the day ended with a laugh.

2 Weekly Post - One of Two

Hello, Blog.

Due to a suggestion from one of the comments last week, I will, for now, make the 2 Weekly Post into two posts, one about last week, and one about this week. That is a great idea! Now, starting off from last week, and I will skip some days because nothing happened on those days, so...

Last Tuesday (August 12th)
Wala came to our school! It was amazing! A group of dancers performing traditional music and showing tradition dancing from West Africa. At the end, everyone was dancing all around the hall. Amazing.

Last Thursday (14/08/14)
It was Whanau Conferences Day. Short day.

I arrived at school early in the morning. Okay, I was late for breakfast for the first time. Missed the whole thing. At least I helped putting away the tables. Wait, I didn't. I was pretty much too late to help, and eat.

Then technology, and it was sudden for Whaea Selena, since it was a short day, and it would make sense if technology was cancelled, but it wasn't, so...we made some delicious food, with white sauce. I think there was lasagna. Delicious.

After missing morning because I was eating the finished product,

School ended at 12. I went there with my mum, after 2:50, and I talked about my learning with the presentation I made, and the presentation was a handful, if you ask me. I found out some new stuff about my personality, coming from my mum. Here is an example:

Whenever there is a class discussion, and I know what I should say, I will keep my hand down, and listen to others.

And here's my mum:
Whenever there is a seminar, and my mum is there, and there is a person that asks the audience a question, and she knows the answer, she keeps her hand down, and thinks to herself.

Pretty weird. I got my "shyness" from my mum.

Onto last Friday.
I found out only 57% of the class came to the Whanau Conferences. Sad. Room 7 got more, something in the 80's, I suppose. Shoot.

Now, there was a talk about something with the Student Council, and I could tell you, but it's confidential, and I'm the one who says it.

Then there was the school disco. Everyone dancing, of course, when the music started. Different types of music were played through everyone's ears. Raised a lot of money, to the looks of it, since there was a big turnout.

That was it from this week. To read more, scroll up, or down, or maybe just find the second part of the post...

Friday, 22 August 2014

Spelling Activity: Syllabification

  1. percentage = per-cen-tage = 3
  2. data = da-ta = 2
  3. detective = de-tec-tive = 3
  4. sort = sort = 1
  5. pattern = pat-tern = 2
  6. appearance = ap-pear-ance = 3
  7. detrimental = de-tri-men-tal = 4
  8. conclusion = con-clu-sion = 3
  9. communication = com-mu-ni-ca-tion = 5
  10. seabed = sea-bed = 2

Here is a spelling activity where I made the words into syllables.

Me, the Analyser - T3W5

(Click on image for better view.)
For "Me, the analyser" this week , I have decided to analyse an article about the recent floods happening around India.

Least Common Multiple

Here is the Common Multiple presentation, which leaded me to the "Snowball Fight" game...

Snowball Fight

Today I played a Common Multiple game called "Snowball Fight". When a question popped up, for example 2 & 3, I had to find the multiple, for example 6. At the end I lost, since I still didn't get the game, but I had 19 right...and 11 wrong.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Personal Vocabulary Log T3

Hello! This is my Personal Vocab Log, a log filled with words I do not really know of.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Monday, 11 August 2014

The Analysers

Here is the analyser for this week. Me and Chasity, since she was stuck, worked together to finish.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

2 Weekly Post


The last two weeks were quite better than the last two weeks. Did that make sense?

Where to start? Oh yeah, the bike raffle fundraiser. It was held at the Stonefields New World. Arranged in 'slots', me and Chasity were in the middle of the day, or in this case, the second block. Combined with Quitah and Malia's donations raised, we had over one hundred dollars!

Then when Simon and Pate came, well, I don't know how it went out, because one, I wasn't there, and two, they were inside. The people were nice, we had hot chocolates, and they were really hot! Comparing that to the hot chocolate in the staff room, it's close. I was getting the hang of ripping the ticket off. Yeah, it's true.....okay, it's false. I was pretty bad at it.

Oh, yeah! This man was no nice to buy me, Chasity, and Miss Kyla apples! Yum! He might've been a great man, and wherever you are, sir, you saved me from starvation on that day. Thank you.

Now, what's next? Oh, yes! Technology! We were split into two groups, group one and group two. Group one, I think, made cake pops, and they were cold. In a good way! I haven't tasted anything like it! My group (group two), made pancakes! They were nice. Great reviews from the judging, and they said the boys tasted better. No, don't think like that. There were 3 girls and 3 boys. The groups made pancakes, and the girls made theirs "tidy", whereas for us, we made it "kreatyve". Yes, kreatyve. It's creative spelt creatively. < If that's a word.

Continuing on.

The result was the boys winning. Yay. Sad at the end, Group 1 ate most of the pancakes, and I missed out. Oh, well, at least I had 3. Ha! With the cake pops, however...ahem...I didn't eat that much.

The Kawa of Care was on Thursday night last week, also.

Mum was gone for a long time, about and hour and 20 minutes. Yes, I counted the minutes while she was gone. I didn't know the meeting was at 6:30. She went at 6:00. I am so bad at reminding...and remembering.

On Saturday, it was Mum's birthday. At work, it was best, she told me. At home, not so much. The night ended with Dad staying up with his so called "best mate", and me, just talking to myself in my head, while trying to beat the stereo beating the sleep out of everyone, and then waking the next morning to see mum and Abby already at church, and seeing Dad sleeping on the bed for more than 2 hours! But, no, I shouldn't talk about it.


This week was the two syndicate disco's! A lot of money raised! People dancing the day away. Oh! Kelly Tarlton's! Can't believe I forgot about that! I mean, come on, memory, I got to remember something!

Kelly Tarlton's looked small from the outside, but massive on the inside. We were underground. Underground! I have never been under the roads before, besides from the time I was at the Auckland Zoo, and my "group" left me in this tunnel thing, and I almost saw the birth of...well, that's another story.

I was so devastated to find out Kelly Tarlton, founder of Kelly Tarlton's, died in 1985, 7 weeks after the aquarium opened. So sad. Now, moving on from the fact that the founder had kicked the bucket a long time ago, the Ice Challenge. It's not the usual Ice Challenge you usually hear. This Ice Challenge is in italics. Making it different. It involved your arm, the Scott Base (or was it Scott Camp) ice box, and the clock. Stick your arm in there for as long as possible, longest wins.

But warning...

Too long may damage the blood system in your arm, and may be dangerous. Please be supervised by an older and responsible adult. Be careful. May end up in hospital.

Back at school, I felt amazed at all the exhibits I saw at Kelly Tarlton's. The only thing that ruined the feeling was a bad nosebleed. It was so bad, I stayed at school until 3:30 p.m. That was a long time.

Coming up...the second of three supermoons. It's going to be amazing for some on the other side of the earth, as some say that the supermoon may be the biggest in 20 (or more) years. Some others are saying it may be a sign of the end of the world. I say it is false. I mean, remember the last time people said it was the end of the world? Then 2012? Then even BEFORE that?! We wouldn't even be here, but we are.

Thank goodness.

Bye for now.

Be careful with the skies.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Target Number!

Here is the Target Number for the IKAN Practise Task. This week's number is 1/4.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Student Lead Study T3W3

Here is the Student Lead Study presentation for this week. Enjoy!

Monday, 4 August 2014