Sunday Post

Hey, Blog.

Don't worry, this isn't a 2-Weekly Blogpost, just a simple post.

It's the school holidays! Yay!

That means a whole lot of time to do anything, and for me, well, I can't do anything outside the house. Why? Well, thank you for asking. I think I have a cold. A sore, runny, blocked nose. I bet I'll get better.

Starting from tomorrow I will be posting "Moments" I have not blogged. I have done this before, just look in January this year. Some of these moments are just snapshots (or a snapshot) of memories I would've shared on the day, but sadly, didn't. Hopefully it'll go well. They mean a lot to me, and that is why I blogged them now!

Half-way through the year now, and I am getting ready to say goodbye. Nearly most of my friends are Year 8's, and they're going to college next year. I can just picture the water-works in everyone, including me, of course. My best friend is going to college, along with other best friends. Oh well.


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