Monday, 14 July 2014

Moment #4

Another moment I honestly forgot to blog...

Philippines 2013 Fundraiser
Now, this was something so great to blog, it could've been too great to be true. But it was so, listen up...

Fundraise for the Philippines!

It was a wonderful, sunny, graceful day in Auckland. Bright sun, clouds floating across. We were all ready to go, with our black t-shirts and food and treats and nail polish and bouncy castle and candy floss. Nothing could go wrong, even if I was wearing the wrong pants on that day.

Also, during that day, the John Campbell came in. I talked to him, and I was, again, surprised! Speechless. I wish I took a photo. See? What did I tell you? I bet you don't believe me!

We raised a lot of money, probably over a thousand. It went towards the Philippines, which had been hit by Typhoon Haiyan earlier in the month, which was November the 9th, 2013.

I would never forget that day, my first taste with cotton candy, the smiles on people's faces, the creative creations with the people's fingernails, the piles of food and water, the money raised for the Philippines, the heaviness of the bouncy castle. It was really a day to remember.

Also, Stanley had become famous on Campbell Live! Amazing! Lucky, lucky, friend...

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