Friday, 11 July 2014

Moment #3

Here is another moment. Below, you can see lots of people wearing yellow beside a green object. It's not. It is students from the school near an old war gun. I am in the photo, I think. Quite hard to see.

North Head Photo Moment
Really strange that I have not blogged about this. Weird, actually. Story behind picture:

As said in the caption of the photo, it is North Head. Each half of the school went to North Head to experience what was happening there during wartimes, what was used during war, and many more. It was taken in Term One. Since North Head is in North Auckland, we took a ferry to go there, and it was a-ma-zing. On the deck of the boat, like, outside the boat, where you could stand and look at the water while the boat was racing, it was sorta like Titanic. Jack, i'm flying!

When we got there, we did a LONG walk to the top of a mountain, which was North Head. We took photos and went in tunnels and stuff, all the usual. It was a great day, except for the part when we were dead by the time we were back at school.

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