Monday, 7 July 2014

Moment #1

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One of the moments I never got to share with you...
This is one moment taken last year. It was a day before Friday 13th, which probably makes up that this was taken on Thursday the 12th of December, 2013. Can you see me? Can you also spot these people in the photo...Sau, Nesbert, Kamaka, Brodie, Tupou and Viliamu...I bet you don't know the faces of the names, but if you do, and can spot them, well done!

I also found out that the man in the picture is Shane Cortese! He's a celebrity! In my opinion, this is probably proof that I had a picture taken from a celebrity. The last time this happened was when Maria Tutaia came to Tamaki Primary, and me and Sam were at the front entrance, and we both shook her hand. I shook her hand. I repeat, in a different way this time...

I shook netball star Maria Tutaia's hand.

Sadly, no one believed me, not even my parents, until I told them she was really tall! That's weird...

Tell them their name = Lie
Tell them their height = Truth

At least that time with Shane Cortese there was a photo taken.

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