Sunday, 27 July 2014

2 Weekly Post

Hello, Blog.

Nice to see you.

In the past two weeks, one week was boring, and one week was just too normal to be true. The boring week was the school one. Nah, i'm just kidding. It was the last holiday of the week. The only thing that came out good was the new computer I was talking about. As you would remember, I made a post about it on that day.

But that's just half the story.

After I first used the new computer, which was probably late at night, I found out that the "shut down" button "doesn't really shut down", just "installs updates". That was pretty annoying. I stayed up really past midnight, waiting and waiting for the computer to shut down by itself. It took so long, it felt like the full length of "The Artist"! Oh yeah, I watched The Artist on that night. It was silent. And funny. And sad. And suspenseful. And fast. And monochrome (whatever that is).

Anyway, I slept late (about 2:30), and that affected the following morning.

On Wednesday this week, I got another new computer. I never realized that I would be getting another new computer after what happened. At least I like it. It doesn't have updates loading after each time you click "Shut Down". It doesn't load updates when you're doing work. It's faster.

Oh well. Oh, no. I left my picture of the homework sheet on the computer I had first. Oh, well. I'm sure it's deleted.

Moving on from the computer, school was back on this week. Yay! But, it was just...too normal. So normal, it doesn't even look like the first week of a normal term. I mean, on the first day, we got our netbooks out. Our netbooks...out...on the first day...the first day...THE FIRST DAY!

The first week of term three also coincided with Maori Language Week. Best Maori Language Week yet. No kidding. The music for the weather (yes, I do enjoy the weather music, unless it;s rock, i'm out) was Maori, place names, such as Auckland (Tamaki Makaurau). Ah, great learning.

What was really normal on the first week was that the Kapa Haka group (Te Roopu Aniwaniwa) went to Manukau (need confirmation on location) to perform. I bet it was amazing, but still, so normal!

I wonder what the next fortnight holds...please let it be un-normal, if that's a word. Nope, it's not. The word I should've used was "abnormal". This week was abnormal. This week was unusual.

My goodness, this computer does not know it's language.

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