Monday, 2 June 2014

the Queen's Birthday

The Queen's Birthday is always on the first Monday of June, which is today!

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth the Second, or, if I may not be rude:

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

May this be a glorious day for you and the Royal Family.

Okay, let's spill it. This isn't really the Majesty the Queen's birthday, it's a holiday (her actual birthday was on April 21st, i've heard), but at least we get a day off from school, work, the morning news, the noon news, the other news people seem not to be watching on the day, school again, and many more.

It is quite a good day today. The sun's shining (finally) after a cloudy and wet morning. At least it is a good day, better than a rainy day.

Last year, I made a small biography on Queen Elizabeth II, and you can find it by clicking here!

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