Friday, 13 June 2014

Remember (Full Version)

Here is the full version of our The Tamaki Quartet's song, "Remember...", in the tune of "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Do you remember,
How to examine a picture?
Describe how we pestered
About that day that would occur...

E-val-u-ate (evaluate)
On the objects that were heavy by weight (by weight)
Never justified its way,(it’s way)
How everything changed that day...

Hey, hey, hey,

Ba de ah! You still have the knowledge!
Ba de ah! On that day you went to college!
Ba de ah! That day was really the best...

Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, - compared your evidence,
Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, - estimating the item’s lengths,
Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, - it was the sunniest day!

Sharing my work with you.
Our answers could never be so true,
But still, we weren't so blue,
How we were all still hap-pay...

Duh, duh, duh,

If you remember,
How the work was better together!
Being partners and such,
The partnership we share today...

Hey, hey, hey,

Ba de ah - You should have the knowledge,
Ba de ah - Before you go to college,
Ba de ah - Everyone was on the edge...

We were like...

Ba de ah - Do you still remember?
Ba de ah - Dancing on September...
Ba de ah - Never was a cloudy day!

ba-de-ya.. de-ya-de-ya
ba-de-ya.. de-ya-de-ya
ba-de-ya.. de-ya-de-ya...

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