Sunday, 1 June 2014

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Oh yeah, almost forgot...

Tamaki Primary's talented musicians were featured in the TV3 Breakfast News earlier this week! The talented musicians were:

- Ma'asi
- Cypress
- Jayden
- Darwin
- Brodie
- Alison
- Brandon

Visit the news site here: Kiwi Kids show off musical chops

It's always great to see some students from the school on the news! 

More on the news, well, newspaper, the East and Bays Courier mentioned Tamaki Primary in a newspaper story (which is below)

Free sport offer for pre-teens

Starting out (Left): Tamaki Primary 7-year-old Edith Smith with Bruce Samu, Matthew Funaki, Simon Tanoai, Sifa Uiloula and Raena Smith who have joined the Tamaki Tornadoes.
A bunch of Tamaki youngsters are shooting their way to the top of a new sport. 

A free basketball club, Tamaki Tornadoes, has been set up at the Tamaki Recreation Centre for under-13s living in Glen Innes, Panmure and Pt England. 

And there is more room on the courts. 

The idea is to foster the sport from the ground up and make basketball more accessible to children, Panmure mother Salena Kahika says. 

There are about 10 children from Tamaki Primary School taking part but more should get involved, she says. 

‘‘This is a decile 1 school. A lot of these children miss out on opportunities based on money. 

‘‘This is being offered for free – it’s just amazing. 

‘‘A lot of the parents know how the game works but we wouldn’t be able to break it down and teach them like the coaches can.’’ Her daughter, Edith Smith, is the youngest Tamaki Primary student involved. 

She says basketball is a fun game to learn. 

‘‘Bouncing the balls was my favourite part,’’ Edith says. 

Budding player Sifa Uiloula agrees: ‘‘I just like it because I get to play sports.’’ Simon Tanoai says he loves the skills they are learning. 

‘‘I love how you do lay-ups and I like back-boarding or rebounding into the hoop. 

‘‘I just love the swish sound.’’ The club was set up by Auckland Basketball and is sponsored by the Tamaki Redevelopment Company. 

Auckland Basketball development manager Tim Dennis says Tamaki is one of 15 new basketball clubs the organisation has set up in Auckland. 

‘‘We’re really just providing somewhere for kids to come and play,’’ he says. 

‘‘We wanted to build skills and techniques around fun. 

‘‘We’ve targeted lower socioeconomic groups so that there’s something for them to latch on to and be a part of. Our main thing is giving them something to try.’’ The Tamaki Tornadoes will compete in the ABSL Run and Gun Tournament at the ASB Stadium in Kohimarama on July 13. 

‘‘The big picture is if we grow the clubs, then we can grow the sport.’’ Head along to the Tamaki Recreation Centre at 5.30pm on Tuesdays to get involved or go to for more information. 

Go to eastandbays to see a video of the Glendowie College v Fraser High School game in the 3x3 Auckland Basketball tournament. 

Information provided from online version of East and Bays Courier.

Wow, the school in the papers, and the news. Amazing!

More in the next update...(news music)

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