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Friday 13th June 2014

Friday the 13th. Bad luck day. Black Friday. There's many names for this bad day. It does impact most people in this world, including me, but, sometimes, it's the most luckiest day of all.

There is a GOOD example of luck on Friday 13th...
Friday 13th, September 2013:
We made mini cakes, and they were AWESOME. The classes were jealous. Briant's one was so delicious, whereas for mine, it was just a piece of cake with random things on it. Room 5 were making mini houses for our movie "You Are Special", which included me, for you information. While they were filming, we were all having FREE TIME!! Back then, I was in love with Tremulous, until I found out you can die (in the game, of course), and Marcus, who had his netbook taken away, and also Stanley, came to me to play on my netbook. After 5 minutes of explaining and persuading, he finally played as a human, not an alien (big, scary spiders). It was so funny, he kept on dying (probably because the life transporters were at the worst places. Ever.). There were flying tyrants, and when he said, "Be quiet. They can't see you if you shush.", ANOTHER ONE FLEW FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! Argh! We were both laughing and screaming, and also, sorta got in trouble, and no, it was not worth it, as aliens won...

By the way, it was raining.

Then there is a BAD example of luck on Friday 13th...
Friday 13th, December 2013:
We had just came out of my dad's friend's house (or, Dave's house), and I was asking so many times if we could buy some of those round, balls that I usually call "Pancake". Dad says no. I feel bummed. I was hungry the whole day, and I don't get this (probably because I didn't tell Dad I was actually hungry). Just when I thought we could just go back home and eat, we pass by a police car (and that was not a good sign). After a few minutes, we were stopped by the police officer. After telling the officer everything, because he is always honest, he was disqualified from driving. Talk about luck, we walked the rest of the way, waiting for Mum to drive the car back home.

This time, it was sunny.

Now this year...
Friday 13th, June 2014:
It was a great/bad day. First off, my bag broke while on the way to school. Thanks a lot, Pate, for touching my bag. THANK YOU! Then there was Chasity, Taylor, and a "Lollipop" sign. It looked sort of like this:
With the long black and white striped stick.

Anyway I was walking and talking to them while they were taking the signs away. They stopped walking, but I didn't. It was that moment I stood too close to Chasity. Taylor dropped the sign, and so the other end of the stick hit It was a pain, such a pain. I haven't felt like that since...ever! We walked back up, and I quickly regained my strength.

Later that day...
The class was out for Kiwisport! But me, Chasity, Taylor and Jennifer weren't with them. We were trying to figure out how to record. We did it many times, but always failed. Same as for lunchtime, and also, a window was smashed! I am NOT saying that our singing was so bad we cracked a window, but we did experience an Room 7. A ball was thrown through the window, smashing it, obviously. Everyone was looking up for once. We were the closest to the window. The sound of it shook us, SMASH!

At least something good happened after that. We recorded with Miss Kyla, and it was a success many times later. We showed it to Miss Fepuleai, and she was happy. Ba de ah! Hooray!

At night, at home, I saw the full moon, and that is completely rare, with the last Full Moon on Friday 13th happening back in Friday 13th, October 2000. I took a photo of it while my Mum was sleeping...

Full Moon on Friday 13th June 2014

So, there you have it, my experiences with Friday 13th. What was yours?

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