Monday, 23 June 2014

500 Blogpost....


This is my 500 blogpost. Well, I do not how to explain this, but, I do know one thing...

I got 500 blogposts! Yay!

I know I should be excited, jumping around the room, acting all "Yay! Ahh!", then my parents would give the look they always gave when I acted like that, that "what the?" look. But instead, I am just acting normal, as always when doing a blogpost. Okay, okay, not THAT normal, I feel a little hot inside of me, with my ears almost burning, you know, those cartoons where they have smoke blowing out of their ears, suddenly my ears feel like that.

Anyway, if you just skipped the start, I have 500 blogposts! 500 blogspots. Wow, I wonder what will the next hundred be...

Yeah, i'm probably gonna have a hard time. Starting again from 500, moving all the way to 600. But, i'll get there, trust me. 600, here I come?

Oh, and also, Taylor, if you're reading this, I give you credit for cheering me up throughout these months, just thanks a lot on that Friday. |:-|.

Anyway, i'll finish this blogpost right.....any moment..........waiting for that

Oh yeah, about the time I have posted this I have walked out of the front door (look at time posted).

Okay, NOW it's finished.

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