Sunday, 29 June 2014

2 Weekly Blogpost

It's that time! Again!

Wow, I can't believe I am still doing this "thing". I actually thought I'd give up on, like, the second post. There is a reason why this is called, "2 Weekly Blogpost", not, "1 Weekly Blogpost". See? Now, moving on...

Last week was great. Bad luck has been coming its way towards me. Me and a certain best friend experience bad things whenever we talk to each other. Sure, it may not happen all the time, but it happens most of the time. Last week, on a Tuesday, our P.E day, we did basketball skills. We went into groups, and guess who I was with? 3 friends, one of them the "certain friend", and that friend accidently threw a basketball at another person's back, and since I am standing at the worst spot, the "obvious" place to throw a ball at someone's head, I get the blame.

After a small, short, UNFAIR chase, I'm caught. I try to explain what went wrong, but it's too late. He is breathing into my face, and then HIS friend joins in, and what do I end up with? Smelly breath in my mouth. Thanks a lot Je I mean, "certain friend". Then, right about this Thursday, this week, I experienced a small fire that came out of the oven at home. I suffered a small amount of smoke inhalation, but, what happened before that? Well, my dad wasn't looking at the oven, but to me, what happened first, is that I was talking to "said friend". Don't worry, it was small (a little bit big, but still, small enough to take out).

Also this week, the two disco fundraisers were on. The Junior Syndicate Disco Fundraiser was great, everyone dancing, and I encouraged a boy to dance with everyone, and guess what? He got a lollipop at the end, meaning he was one of the best boy dancers! Yeah, I said he'd be lucky if he went and danced, and it actually happened! Ahh, I spread my luck to everyone...wait, maybe that's why I keep getting unlucky...ohhh...

Then the next day, it was the Senior Syndicate Disco Fundraiser. It was tough at the start, the first song was on, and hardly anyone was there. Then I came in. I can't remember how I was dancing, but I can tell I did dance. All by myself. Then the next song came up, and some more people came up, and more people joined in as more songs came on. I got a lollipop for starting the dance! Altogether, the money raised from both fundraisers were in a total of...well, somewhere in the 300's, but I forgot the actual price.

What else...oh yeah! 500 BLOGPOSTS!! Yeah, it was all worth it, until I actually wrote the 500th blogpost, I was all calm, all relaxed. Thanks a lot other certain best friend, now I wasn't hyper. Hmm. |:-| .

There was a chance of a storm on Friday this week. I was right. You see, I do a weekly weather report for Tamaki Primary School News. It's now more detailed than it used to be.

Also, last week, I wrote a letter, to the Rotary Club, about Duffy books. I wasn't alone (THANK GOODNESS!!), Mavis also wrote one. My one, well, was started by a couple of simple ideas, then it rolled into a perfect letter, the first one I actually wrote personally, actually. Duffy books. They carry such great knowledge, one page at a time. Which reminds me, do you get it? On page at a time? Fine then, don't tell me, it's best if I just keep writing...

Inquiry Presentations were show to the class on Friday. If I think about it, we had only a week and 4 days (it's a guess, don't know when we started) to research as much as we can to get the questions answered, and for one question in my group, Dinosaurs, for one question, we did a project! Amazing in just one week we put SO much effort into it!

So, what to look for in next week, which, by the way, is the last week of Term 2, is:

  • The Room 8 Shared Lunch, which, I only know, is on Tuesday
  • A Special Assembly, which I don't know what it is about
  • Tamaki Primary's first ever Science Fair! Which my group, the Dinosaurs group, is involved in!
  • Monday
Time flies when you're having fun, aye? I mean, it's winter already.

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