Sunday, 1 June 2014

2 Weekly Blogpost

Ahh, great to be back....again...

What a week! I am talking about this week, not last week, why? Because it was test week! So many tests! Writing, Maths, Reading, Spelling, they were extremely hard. Trust me. Just take my word for it.

Also this week, there was another fundraiser for the Year 7 & 8 Camp. Rockstar Dress Up Day. I remember the last time that happened...I looked like a scarecrow, but this time, I looked great, and I think it was the shoes.

Yes, the shoes.

The week before this week, I went to the Church Fundraiser Car Wash, again. This time, I was extremely tired, and hardly did anything, besides from washing cars, eating, drinking, that sort of stuff. Back home I was less "tired and dizzy" than last time, probably because I wasn't near that "car wash smell", and instead, doing the signs. You know what I mean, holding the sign up to cars, yelling, I mean, informing people about the Car Wash (and that it was on their left), and that was easy, easier than the tests.

Love was in the air at s no, no, no, better not make this blog post go in a difficult turn (oh well), but anyway, I know something I really know will happen, the building project. 5 new classes for the school in 2015! Though it is sad, since the Year 8's this year won't be able to be in the classes next year (though they can still visit, easy as that), but it will be worth it. Just imagine, the school changing...

One small problem for next week:

Sunday (today) - Weekend
Monday - Queen's Birthday holiday (NZ)
Tuesday - Teacher's Only Day
Wednesday - Back to School

You see no problem yet, right? Well, here's the thing:

Wednesday morning is our (Malia, Chasity, Alison and myself) shift for Breakfast Club (Mon-Thur), and we are going back to school on Wednesday, so...we are going to the Breakfast Club on the day back to school in Week 5.

You know what I mean?

Oh yeah, the first day of Winter. This week, I have had the coldest nights in the entire year (yet), and only Wednesday was the best sleep because I slept properly at the right time, I covered myself properly, but only one problem ruined dad. He was knocking on the door for about an hour, and only at 1:05AM, I finally noticed.

Well, those are my weeks, what was yours?

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