Sunday, 15 June 2014

2 Weekly Blogpost (Long)

Oh. My. Blog. These past two weeks have been A-MAZ-ING.
Last week, it was SUCH a great week, though I did forget. But, THIS week, it was mostly rainy, but it was also the best one yet. Monday was my reading test (YES! 13-14 Years!), then Tuesday was the day of a new song I wrote, entirely inspired. It all started with a spelling activity, which then ended up as a singing sensation, and also, a birth of a new group, called The Tamaki Quartet. I searched up the word, "Quartet" and it said:

A group of four people playing music or singing together.

I got it by the time I read "four". Pretty cool, honestly. It's like everything's Tamaki today:

- Tamaki Tornadoes
- Tamaki Quartet
- Tamaki Health Centre (kidding about that one, it's EAST Tamaki)
- East Tamaki (kidding AGAIN, but really, East Tamaki does have "Tamaki" in it, am I right?)
- Tamaki Primary School (to be fair, it DOES have Tamaki in it, though it has been here in Tamaki for a very long time)
- Tamaki Intermediate (closed down couple of years back due to falling rolls)
- TAMAKI! (amazing that Tamaki Primary IS IN Tamaki! I'm living in it too! Or am i??? Don't want to reveal where I live now, do I? Or do I? Nah, I won't...or will I? Okay, i'll move on...)

The song, as I sort of kept mentioning earlier this week, was called, "Remember". I was inspired by an advertisement from television and decided to something about it. After a few changes and some practice, I shared it with my friend, Chasity, which we worked 14 minutes to make the first part of the song up. When we both shared it to Taylor though, he didn't think it wasn't "alive" enough, UNTIL, me and Chasity both actually sang it to him, having him change his mind. But! (Wow, this story's long) Before that happened...

Me and Chasity showed Miss Kyla our song, well, I sang the song to her, then Miss Aireen, and Miss Fepuleai came in, and I had to sing it AGAIN. Then Mrs Manuyag came in! Thank goodness I didn't have to sing it AGAIN. You know, sometimes you have to do something you don't really do, like for example, singing. I don't usually sing, but this week, I did. To many people. Anyway, the song was great, and to be honest, I thought everyone was singing that song. I'm not kidding, it was almost like a group of girls started singing with us, then a couple of boys, then before you know it, BAM! Everyone!

Then there was Jennifer. Sorry if this story is long, it's just SO true! She was part of our homework group, and she was surprised (I think) to be told she would be singing as WELL, with me, and I was also shocked to hear I could sing that song! Anyway, the next day, which was probably Friday the 13th (ooooh,, really, I had a bad case of bad luck), we tried recording the song, but had encountered many mistakes.

So, after lunch, Miss Kyla took us to that small (not that small, it was bigger with the renovation) room beside the elevator (yes, the school has an elevator, for people to transport heavy and hard items, tables, computers, etc.), and recorded. It was funny the first time, then the second time, and then came the third time (I really don't know how many times we did it, but hey, it was Friday 13th, ANYTHING would've happen), and we got it right. We showed it to Miss Fepuleai, and she was amazed with our song, "Remember". Then a day later (yesterday) I got an e-mail saying out song was finished! A karaoke was made, now you can sing along! Now I'm thinking of how we could make a movie. Maybe in one shot, right? Just imagine...

Tamaki Primary's FIRST ever movie......wait for it.....made in ONE SHOT.....

One shot. Yes, indeed. It would be SO cool to make it in one-shot, besides, the editing would be faster, since we could make like 8 takes and we pick the best one, then add the audio in and BA-BAM! Our movie.

Hey, just something random...if I had one dollar for each and every time I said, "Tamaki", you know, I would be SUPER rich! No, seriously, press CTRL + F and write, Tamaki, you would be amazed at how many times I said, "Tamaki" in this blogpost.

I have no space to write down my Friday 13th, so, I will have to make another blogpost about it. See you in like, what, an hour or so??

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