Monday, 19 May 2014

Why Tamaki Primary Need a Student Council (Homework Task)

Student Councils do well in schools around the world, but does Tamaki Primary need one? I say yes, and if you want to know the reasons why in my explanation, you too will think Tamaki Primary should have a Student Council. Before I begin, I will say this, not should have a Student Council, as that might mean I am just giving advice to you (the reader), but could have a Student Council would be better to have.

If Tamaki Primary has a Student Council, it would make the school more better. This means that the Student Council could help with decisions made with the school, generate and improve their own ideas. Doing this, the school with be more fun than before, and other students will like the ideas.

My second point on why the school could have a Student Council is so that they could solve problems with other students so duty teachers at break times can stress less. This means that they could:

Stop disagreements around others
Prevent them from doing anything wrong
Stopping the situation before it gets worse!

Doing this, the school could have a good reputation, and also have less problems outside.

My last point in my explanation is that we need a Student Council because it will change the school. Since the Student Council will have Councillors, or students, they will show an example to others (especially the junior syndicate), help in those in need, support and encourage others, and many more. Doing this many students will feel more motivated to come to school more and also be around friends.

If you have listened throughout my explanation, you will be able to think if Tamaki Primary could have a Student Council, and what would happen if we did have one, like the school being more friendlier because of the happiness going around, the events such as fundraisers could work better with the help of Councillors, and also encourage and support them whenever they are stuck, having them feel comfortable at school. Thank you for reading my explanation.

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