Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Story Starter

Story Starter: Write an article about a dedicated dentist who navigates home without a compass.

Have you ever looked into the life of your local dentist? Well, that is a question only 30% said "Yes" to, but, Dr Andrew Bannister is a well-known dentist, who indeed navigates himself to his home, without a compass!

"It's a gift." Bannister says. He is a dedicated dentist, who has been fixing and checking teeth for over 20 years. "Nearly all my patients remember seeing me years back, but it always taking forever to come from home to here. 12 miles!" he says more. Though he seems to have no way of knowing how to get home and back, he says he has a talent, finding his way home without any gadget.

It may sound strange, but a lot of people have believed the dentist, even went with him home. One of the people, Jeffrey McLane, says, "He is a remarkable man, guiding his way home far away from here.".

We also volunteered coming on with him, and guess where he leaded us? 24b Eastcliffe Crescent. He is really a great guider, to his home, that is...

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Miss Kyla said...

What a hilarious piece of writing, Willy! You really astound me with just how clever and creative you are. You used the right language to suit the purpose (article) and audience (me!). I was also impressed with the way you used a wide range of punctuation, including speech marks, question marks, commas and full stops. Well done.

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