Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How To Be A Good Discoverer

Being a discoverer is something people have found easy, and also hard. We are all curious, but most of us just don’t enjoy doing their thing, discovering the answers to life’s questions, like ‘Why is the sky blue? Are we really seeing colour in our life? There are also discoverers that have found something new that would/has affected our lives forever. If you are willing to be one of these types of discoverers, keep reading...

I will start off this explanation by telling you (the reader) this one word.


What do I mean by this? I mean being determined to succeed, and being determined to keep going after you fail, but the question is why? It’s because when you have determination, it helps you succeed; when you fail sometime in your discovery, it makes you feel MORE determined to get to the bottom of the question. By doing this, you could be easily enjoying what you’re doing; maybe even find the answer.
My next point in this explanation is that a discoverer needs to have an open mind. To have an open mind means to let other’s have their say and not be a so called “know-it-all” and also, it means being creative, opening to new things and such, so that if you are stuck, you will know an easy way out. Doing this, you could end up with many answers to your question; also some points to backup your answer, which leads me to my next point.

My final point in this explanation is strong evidence. This means that if you have evidence (backup to answer, test results, pictures, text) that could prevent situations such as:

  • People denying that you have found/answered something.
  • People debating whether it’s true or not
  • People not believing you because you have no EVIDENCE!

Having this done, people will now know you are being truthful about your discovery; not just saying something that doesn't have any backup nor evidence.

If you follow these three points, you could end up with a bright future in the world of discovery. Being a discoverer, you could also have an open mind so you could also be creative, have determination so could strive to succeed and face failure, include having strong evidence to back up your point, and also, encourage others around you to be a discover as well.

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