Sunday, 4 May 2014

2-Weekly Blogpost

Hello Blog,

I've been expecting you. Well, not really, it would be a surprise if you are reading this now!

I have planned this 2-Weekly Journal, because the holidays are 2 weeks, right? So, that brings me to here, now, Sunday.

Before I tell you what's been happening, let me explain this:

Nearly every time on the Saturday before the start of school (Terms 1-4), something always turn my holidays around. The first this happened was when my Uncle and his Girlfriend (I still think she is the girlfriend, but her status said Engaged) took me to Sylvia Park for the movies, but because the next movie was in an hour, we went shopping instead, along with ice-cream!

Then another time, Saturday before school started, two kittens came to my house during a thunderstorm! We took care of them for 2 days, and I may have accidently scared off their mother, I don't know why. It WAS the same colour as them, and she looked like them. On the day school started, we sold them to a friend of Dad's.

This time, on Saturday (yesterday) I went with my Mum to a car wash fundraiser. It was in Otara. Lots of cars came, probably because Mum and the other Mums were saying (or otherwise yelling) "Car Wash..." a number of times, whilst holding "Car Wash" signs. Lots of cars came in, where as most cars just drove past us, and they were actually hearing the words, "Car Wash!". It was actually my first car wash ever, and wow, a Mainfreight truck comes in...

Thank goodness the driver had a long brush. The wheels were big, the windows felt weird, but at least I touched a truck in the holidays. No one would believe me when I say, "I went to a car wash fundraiser..." then they could say, 'Yeah, pretty boring..." and then I'll say, "We washed a truck..." and they would go, "Oh, really? Don't believe you.". Yeah, that'll never happen.  |:-|.

Anyway, the holidays were pretty just nothing. It was like my usual weekend, but it lasts for two weeks. ANZAC Day was pretty good, the Wellington Commemoration Service was at Parliament, which was weird, since the location was different last year, was it? I didn't get ANZAC Biscuits this year. Bummer. My Uncle's Birthday was on the same day, but I didn't really get to see him.

Also, school is tomorrow! Ah, time to get the updates, use my netbook, learn new stuff, go on new "adventures" in my journey of my new class, Room 8.

Until next next week,


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