Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What a Sunny Day!

Hi Blog,

It's a sunny day.

I am writing this blogpost down about what a sunny day today is. The sun glazing upon our fantastic, glorious school, and of course, Auckland, The City of Sails. Clouds are hard to see when the yellow and blue fill the sky, which are the same colours of the uniform. Students are ........Oh man, I can't go longer with this, this is my 400th Blog Post! I might be the only one with 400, and that could be great, but, I would be the only one with 400, and also, I am blogging this on APRIL FOOLS DAY. People around me are great, except for some who say, "Pinch and a Punch for the rest of the month!", but of course, I do that too. I got Cavhyon this year, YES!! I could tick this off my list:

☑ Get 400 before the age of 12.

If only this could happen every day. Next stop, *500!*


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