Friday, 11 April 2014

Newspaper Article about Fiafia Night

Fiafia Night a Success for Camp

By Willy

Above: Mrs Kelly welcoming the visitors
and families to the Fiafia Night
On the night of April 10th, the Senior Syndicate, along with Room 4, from Tamaki Primary hosted a Fiafia Fundraiser at the old Tamaki Intermediate Hall (or new Sommerville Special School Hall) for two reasons, one was to show their items they have learned, and to raise money for the Year 7 and 8 Camp. The crowd filled the seats, with many Junior Syndicate students sitting on the ground.

The turnout of families and students at the event were astounding. Lots of cheering were spread throughout the performances, such as the Kapa Haka group, Technology Band, the School Band, Samoan group, Tongan group, Ballroom Dancing group, and the Tikana Maori Kapa Haka group. Parents also walked up the stage to place money on their children to support them, and the money put on them went towards the Camp Fundraiser.

At the time of the intermission, people lined up outside for food and drinks, and also, to go in the draw to win a new bike. People gave support to students who have not yet to perform, but are performing after the break. One of them Mavis, saying to one performer, “Good luck out there”. Students from the Ballroom Dancing group were nearly ready to perform, and while most some were feeling nervous and anxious, most of the performers were hyper and happy from having just one carbonated drink.

The curtains opened and the cheers were turned on again. Later, students and the crowd had a great sing-along of the song, “Roar” by Katy Perry, sung by Ma’asi and Alison, students from Tamaki Primary.

When the show ended with the Kapa Haka group performing, the people went wild, having liked the performance. It was as many people said, “Amazing and cool!”. Outside, students said goodbye and farewell to previous students who are now at college, but knew they would see them again, one of them were Kereama’s sister, who said to one of the performers, “I never knew you could dance like that! Great job!”.

Many relatives from families hugged and congratulated each other, driving or walking home. The money raised money raised for the Y7&8 Camp was what Sau said was “Unbelieveable”. The total was $1,400!

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