Saturday, 5 April 2014

My Birthday: 2 of 2


That's what the clock said. I am still trying to figure out why the others ditched me and Chardonnay, and half of them were Student Councillors! Oh yeah, Tongan practice, and the reason that only two Student Councillors were allowed. I sat there, waiting, until Quitah's sister starts talking to me. Snot comes out of her nose, and I tell her. Guess what happened:

Was it:
A. She says "Thank you" and blushes.
B. She says nothing and tries to sniff it in.
C. She picks her nose and puts it on me.

If you answered, C. She picks her nose and puts it on me, then you are absolutely right! I chase her around the class walking, and she was running! Wow, I am that fast. Levi then gets her iPad out, and since the last time I touched her iPad was in Room 8, I wanted to have a turn. Camera was on, so some embarrassing photos were on there.

Oh! Finally, 1:40PM. I walk out, ditching Chardonnay, and run off through the rain. I saw a woman running with an orange vest. Probably think that it was Mrs Manuyag. I start running, but since it is raining HARD OUT in Auckland, I almost slip and slide through the puddles, and water fill my shoes. I heard a song coming from my left, the Music Room. It's Ma'asi singing. Cheers me up, but later I find out that the song I heard was the 2nd secret song for the Cultural Performances! Like the phrase I use at times like this, Whenever there's bad, there's good.

Lunchtime is over and it feels so wet. I walk to the hall feeling just a bit lucky, and I was right, because Viliamu and Brodie ran past me, and the next thing you know, they both slipped on the floor! In my path they slipped in, and we all laughed.

More people slipping and sliding on the wet floor, and that made me wonder, how was the floor wet? Anyway, we started on Ballroom Dancing, and Charday was my partner, and still is. We were on of the people picked to go in the front! During the moves, we did a new one where the girl partner is moving to another partner, and since me and Charday are on the side, I was left alone, along with Pio, Tionee, and many more others.

After, it was hometime, and yes, I still used my bike, even though the seat was wet, and drove myself home. I raced Tionee, and he beat me, obviously, because he was fast, and I just rode me bike on the hard, cracky footpath.

At home, a BBQ was set, and I went with my Mum and Abbie to go somewhere to celebrate my birthday, and it ended with Abbie crying since she "showed-off". It is now 5:33PM, and I do the tradition that I always do when on a birthday.


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