Thursday, 3 April 2014

My Birthday: 1 of 2

Today was my birthday. Well, there were lots of birthdays today, mine, Kini's, Taylor's Dad, who is in the US, and another person who I forgot its name. My day started with a morning prayer, and a few hugs and kisses from my parents. After, I took a short ride to school on my bike, and a few got surprised, including Petra and Mary-Jane. At least I finally rode my bike to school.

Just as I get a water drink at a nearby tap in the courts, "Happy Birthday" was sung. Embarrassed, I ran inside, a ball nearly hitting me, and I am now chased by William and Trent.

In class, I still get the "Happy Birthday" sayings, and I also get a rare Mavis hug, and that was pretty awkward. Others coming in say "Happy Birthday" to me as they get their netbooks for the day, including Alison, who clearly makes it obvious it's my birthday. Mavis speaks from the speaker in the office, and at the end of the announcement, she says, "And........Happy Birthday Willy." I yell, "Thank You!", and guess what? Another "Happy Birthday" song sung to me.

Still sunny, Technology was starting. Mrs Manuyag gives me a hug, and we started on Art, finishing as much of our artwork as we can.

Morning Tea. People still say, "Happy Birthday". I keep saying "Thank you". Morning Tea was when I found out Taylor's Father has the same birthday as me, but his is tomorrow. When I asked Taylor how old he was, or how old is he turning, he said, "59"! I almost choked! Minutes later, I walked off from Taylor and ended up with Danisha, Starr, Kelly, Devine, and Paterita. Starr shares a big chunk of Kit Kat with me. I feel so loved.

After Morning Tea, we went to the Duffy Role Model Assembly. We had a special visitor, as always, who once played for the Warriors and the Crusaders and other teams. He talked about lots of things, like how he didn't like to read or do homework while at school, but later when he was going to play rugby, he had to read the tactics and all the other stuff. Lots of Duffy Awards were given, including Sau and Viliamu from our class, Room 8.

Lunch orders. At the end of delivering orders, we got free yogurt sticks! I also ran down the hallway to class, and Ms Kyla was right there, bad, but since it was my birthday, she "didn't" see me running. Note: When holding a melted yogurt stick, be careful of the liquid when cutting.

Lunch time. I played with Tionee for the first time while we were waiting for Danisha, but Niko ruined our game by taking the ball, and also, it RAINED. I thought to myself, "Wow, my luck is now gone.". What was worse was that I had to run through the rain, bad, but I didn't slip at all, good. It's like a saying, "Whenever there's a bad, there's always a good".

I'm at Room 9 with Chardonnay, and lots of people, such as Taylor, Sau, Mehi, Tiere, Mele, Lauren, Maila, and others, they come to us, good, but since there was no Tongan practice today because it was raining, the went back to class, bad. I had to go to Room 9, because the Student Councillors had to go look after their buddy class.

1:30PM. This was going to be a long 10 minutes.

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