Sunday, 6 April 2014

My 2-Weekly Blogpost

Hello Blog!

Welcome to my 2 weekly blogpost about the 2 weeks that have gone by.

Just to note that Daylight Savings has come to an end. I wonder, does this mean we get an extra hour? I was wondering that while watching tv because since we go back one hour, 3:00AM would be 2:00AM, meaning that 2:00AM would start all over again.

I also got excited, because I sent a "message" to Labour Party person, Carol Beaumont! What's even better is that...wait for it...SHE REPLIED!!! I burst out screaming in shock, the good kind of shock, like when you win the lottery and you just wanna tell the world.

I LOVE sleep. It makes me taller during the night, it makes me get crazy dreams, but then I forget them, and, most greatest of all, I relax from the day. Whether i'm in my uniform or just my home clothes, I love sleeping in them. Another thing I love is dreaming, and not just dreaming in your sleep, but there's day-dreaming, lucid dreaming, school-dreaming (dreaming of school in the holidays), and many more. I feel a little tired after talking about sleep and dreaming, and maybe I'll be right back.

UPDATE: 5:27PM: After waking up

Okay, since I'm back, awake and better, let me talk about my weeks. Stomach flu from the 29th of March onto the 30th. April Fools on the 1st. 2nd was a blast, though can't remember, Birthday on the 3rd, and it rained. 4th was Baseball, and I got to go out of bounds while getting the ball, and sort of said sorry to Brooklyn for pushing him away. Saturday, yesterday, was when Dad went off walking to a house of a friend's.

Today was the usual, parents and Abbie go to church, I stay to watch Martin, I clean the house, do the dishes, have breakfast, watch the Shortland Street Omnibus, somewhere between 11:30AM and 12:30PM they arrive back, and they eat, and I always say, "I already ate breakfast". I'm on the computer, Mum goes to work, Abbie stays downstairs complaining about what she sees and keeps asking, "What's your name?" and points at a random person who I DON'T know, and she asks, "Who's that?".

What events are happening in Week 11? Yes, that's right, Just when you thought TIME would suddenly get slow......It got faster.. I could make a phrase out of this, it should go, The more fun you have, the less time you're left.

Anyways, Anyways, on of the events happening in Week 11 is the Cultural Performing Arts Fiafia Festival. I'm in one of the Performances....Ballroom Dancing. I just hope Charday comes on the dress rehearsal and the night.

There will be plenty more events, including the end of the term, 17th April.

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Miss Kyla said...

Wow, Willy - how cool is it that Carol Beaumont replied! We really did appreciate all her amazing information that she passed on in her interview with Alison and Malia.

What a crazy two weeks you have had, and you're right - the next two weeks before the holidays will probably be even crazier!

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