Sunday, 20 April 2014

My 2-Weekly Blogpost

Finally, we meet again,

This is another of my 2 Weekly Blog Posts.

During one of the two weeks, and also one week after my birthday, (April 10th) it was the Performing Arts Fiafia Night! So amazing, all the families coming along to watch their children perform, and also fundraise for the Year 7 and 8 Camp. We raised $1,400!

Of course, on Tuesday (April 15th), Room 8 had a Shared Lunch! There were lots of foods with drinks, with great times, like having a drinking competition of the first person drinking their drinks the fastest. It was more fun watching Shantai, a friend, play WeeWorld. Funny as, we kept on looking at this man who was a wolf, and was shirtless, and this other person who looked SO scary!

Moving along from the great night full of reunions and laughs, it was on Thursday (April 17th) Term One ended at school. Classes were packed up their classes, and then played games, but in Room 8, I couldn't describe how it was in there. We played Dead Soldiers, walked like models, ate Easter Eggs, and more. At the end, we did the Harlem Shake, and the next thing I knew was playing was Gentleman - PSY! Really sad when we left the classroom.

Also, on that Thursday, Cyclone Ita reached our shores, and guess what? I never knew anything about it! Nope, I just thought it was some random weather. The aftermath. A roof was blown off a home in Auckland. Talk about that line from Happy - Pharrell Williams

Clap along if feel like a room without a roof...

It struck the school. End result, fallen tree branches and a long water pipe swinging, dangling from the roof. I noticed it, and panicked, told everyone, told Mr Wong, and then Room 7 noticed, but I bet they already noticed already. 

Just when I thought it was over, I walked home from school, and noticed that a neighbour's home had a tree that had collapsed. Literally.

Tree left fallen after Cyclone, and also left for over 24 hours
Then at home, I realised the tree in the backyard wasn't right...

Big Branch on Tree almost broken
Damaged Area on Tree

If you think about it, my birthday was on the 3rd, and 7 days later (or a week later) it was Fiafia Night, and now, a week on, the Thursday this week was the last day of school. Amazing, huh?

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