Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Homework for Term One, Week Ten - Wednesday

Writing: Current Events:

Landslides and 2m waves strike Chile after 8.2 magnitude quake

What: A huge, 8.2 magnitude earthquake has struck Chile, and many horrible damage has been caused. Residents have been warned and evacuated from buildings. People have taken the chance to share what they see and hear, as they take pictures and videos of the disaster and aftermath. Tsunami Warnings have also been placed.

Who: Many people were involved in this article, and there are some people, who are witnesses, that have been taking photos of the event.

Where: Chile's Northern Coast

When: Wednesday 2nd April 2014. The article was made on the same day and at 3:52PM. Updates have been made since then. The quake struck at 8:46PM. It could've been 12:46PM in New Zealand.

Reading Log: 02/04/14

Los Angeles trembles in anticipation as it awaits The Big One

This article is about people and residents in Los Angeles already stocking up on batteries, food, water and other essentials, preparing for a quake that is said to come any day. This may not be about the Chile Quake as this article was made on Tuesday 1st. The quake has been said to cause destruction, tsunamis and many more damage.

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