Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Disaster Writing: Part 3


Tuesday 19th August 2014


It was morning. I'm still trapped in the rubble of a hospital, or at least that was the name, I actually never knew the hospital name. The doctor is still with me, the fire is out, and I'm still feeling alright. Thank goodness I'm still alive. I haven't died from my injuries, which is weird.

I am a really lucky person. "Doctor......" I say to him. The doctor, who I know know as Dr Lambert, according to his badge-thing, woke up. "Oh! I'm in the building. Huh, thought it was dream. How are you, Willy?" Dr Lambert asks me, "Oh, good, is there food nearby?" I reply with a question. "Nope. Hard luck, I reckon." Dr Lambert replies. "I hope you don't die, Mr Lambert." I say in a sad voice, since nearly everyone I met In Wellington died. "What?! What do you mean?! How do you know my name?" he asks frantically, "Oh no, no, your badge-thing, on your coat." I point out. "Oh! Great, I thought you were a freak or something." he concluded.

"So, what's the name of this building?" I ask Dr Lambert, "This is, now was, the building of the Graystone National Hospital." Lambert replied. "Graystone?" I question him. "Yes, the tsunami came as far as here." he informed me. "Oh my, that's really far." I say, thinking that I was in a tsunami for a LONG time. I wonder what the city looks like now. I already saw 3 buildings really damaged and collapsed, with broken windows and cracks. "My goodness, my second day outside of Auckland and this is what happens...an earthquake and tsunami tries to kill me." I point out to myself. "Don't worry, Willy. Everything will be alright. You'll be back in Auckland at the end." Lambert tells me. "Yeah, right." I reply, "The Airport could be damaged after the quake, and the planes, they could've been swept away from the tsunami!" I point out.


I'm still in the building, bonding with a doctor I barely know, and also met just before another big earthquake. Even though I was trapped, I didn't panic, although some adults as the other side of a broken wall were crying their hearts out. With a big sigh, I try to think of good outcomes of this. Ooh! I get to meet new people, that's a good one, ooh! I could end up on the news with other people! No, wait, Mum would freak out, because one, she'll think I was sick outside of home, then she'll realise she would never let me travel outside again!....until the age of 29, and also, she'll be worried sick that I was in a collapsed building, but the good thing is that I'm not dead, right? I wasn't dead.


I'm starving. Hungry. Thirsty for cookies water. "Doctor Lambert, do you have a phone?" I asked him, "Actually, yes, I do, but it does have a low signal." Lambert replies. "Let's take a photo, so if we die, or I die, of hunger, people will find this phone and see the photo." I explain, "Alright, then." Dr Lambert says, with a sigh. He takes his phone out and we come together, the phone clicks, and it was almost perfect. Just take away the blood on our clothes, the collapsed building, and th panicked people behind us and it's perfect! I just wonder, will I survive without food and water. I got shelter, well, the bad version, yes, but I'm so desperate for food and water. At least I can still talk.

1:29PM said the doctor's phone.

I'm starting to get frustrated. The last three hours were now a blank, and I was yelling for help, so was the doctor. "Help! Somebody help! I'm gonna die!" I yell. "Yes! Help me, too!" yelled a woman in a distance, "I can't move. I-I can't feel my legs." she continued, "I need someone to help me, please!" she concluded. "Okay, I'll be right back, Willy." Dr Lambert said, "Alright, but if I die when you come back, it's all on you." I tell him back. I breathe deeply. In......out. In.......out. I felt much better. "Aargh!" yelled a man. "Whoa." I say quietly to myself, "That must hurt.". Minutes went by, and the doctor hasn't come back. "Where is he?" I ask myself. I sit up to look. I only see ruble and people, walls collapsed and other stuff. "Doctor Lambert?" I question. "Yes, Willy?" he answers in a distance. "Nevermind." I answer back. Sitting down, I hear a sound. It's banging. "Hello?" I ask. The banging gets louder. "Okay, stop now..." I say more. "Hey, boy, are you alright there?" a stranger asks me, "Yes, I am.....No, I don't kno-" I am interrupted with the banging sound in the distance. "Oh my gosh, that sound is annoying!" I complain.


I was sitting, thinking to myself what could've happened if Luke and the rest survived the tsunami, or if we left the lady there, but leaving the lady there would fill me with guilt. What if Luke is still alive? Wait, he would've been with me, because he's a great swimmer, where as I am a terrible swimmer. I hear that bang again. "Ah, there you go." I heard the doctor in a distance, and he crawled back to me. "I finally got those two out of there." Dr Lambert told me, "The two are now out of the tight spot, but they still have injuries." he says more. "I heard a bang from here." I tell him, pointing at the direction of the noise. "Hmm." Mr Lambert said, "Maybe it's just another person trapped, banging on the wall." he concludes. "Oh." I reply. I have a little nap, and so does Lambert.

5:16PM said the doctor's phone. 24 hours since the big earthquake.

Lambert wakes me up. "Willy. I heard that bang." he tells me quietly. I look at the direction of the noise, then we realise something. There was a sound of a small part of the wall collapsing. We both see a bright, shiny light. After a moment a man's face appears in the distance. "Hello? Is anyone here?" the man asks in an echo. I breathe in. "Help us!" I shout at the man, bursting with relief. "We're in here! Help!!" I continue shouting. "Okay, you stay there for a while, and I will get the team to get you out." the man informs me.

We wait.

Minutes later a group of people come through, holding on to the others trapped, along with us.

We are escorted to the outside. News crews everywhere. Cheering and gasping filled the atmosphere. "Are you okay?" asks a paramedic, "Yes. Yes, I am." I reply to her. I am taken away to another hospital in an ambulance. "You won't believe my time here in Wellington." I tell the paramedic, "I have experienced the biggest quake in my life, I have experienced a tsunami, and also experienced the loss of a family member. I have also experienced a building collapse, and being trapped in the building." I conclude. "Okay, now, we're just going to check you for damage in the body, alright?" asks the paramedic, "Okay." I reply.

5:43PM said the clock in the doctor room.

"So, you have only suffered some bleeding to the back. Any more bleeding, and you could've died in the building, ya'know?" the doctor says to me, "Well, at least I survived in there." I reply to him, looking at the bright side. "Now, here's the strange part, these records tell me that you never checked into the hospital yesterday." the doctor informs me, "How did you get there?" he asks. "I was swept away by a tsunami." I tell him, "My uncle didn't survive the car crash, and I am starting to doubt my cousin is alive now." I conclude. "But now, since we're done, could I go now?" I ask the doctor, "Okay, but be careful, another quake could occur." he replies with a warning.


I sit in the waiting room, along with many other people. I am wearing new clothes, all white. An adult sitting next to me, wearing white clothes as well, asks me, "So, what's your story?", "It started off with a perfect afternoon. I landed in Welli-" I start to explain to him, telling him my story of how I came here.

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