Monday, 21 April 2014

Disaster Writing 2 - Part Two


"Yes." I replied to Luke, asking me for an ice-cream. I was walking through the city with Luke and his parents. I was warm. I feel light-headed. I feel like great, better than ever. It's almost like the earthquake and tsunami never happened......

No, wait, I was dreaming.


A small quake occured. My eyes flew open. I was in so much pain. My body was aching, as if I was dead. I started thinking to myself, Am I dead? Is this what death feels like? I didn't know the answer to those questions. Wait.......where are the others?I thought to myself. I couldn't move. Was I paralysed? Ouch. Even blinking hurt. 

I went back to sleep.


Another quake. Stronger than the last one. I wake up again, feeling a little better. I attempt to stand up. "Aargh!" I scream. I push through the pain and finally, I was standing up. My vision was fuzzy. I couldn't think straight. I try to point out where I am. Looked up. Sky. Looked down. Red liquid. What could the red liquid be? Hmmm. oh! Juice. It could be juice someone left over. Then looking on myself, I had the "juice" on me. No, wait, that's blood! I chuckle, then fall over again.


Another quake! Wishing it would stop, I wake up....again. I can think straight, and quickly, I stood up. The sky is dark. I see lights, so I walk slowly to the lights. The lights made my eyes hurt. As I approach the lights, I trip over something. Something hard. Looking over, it was bricks. Then, I look up, and what a sight. A building, collapsed, bursting out smoke. This could give me the sign I'm in the city. Oh my. When I approached the lights, I am at a nearby hospital, looking like it could fall. 

People groaning inside. That's a sign. I walked fast, but before entering, I feel another quake. I scream, so does the people inside, who I see through the broken glass door. Pushing the door, it fell, and I walked in. 

"Could you help me?" I ask, walking towards her, looking at me as if I didn't notice my injuries. "I can't believe you survived that, boy." said the lady. "What? What happened to me?" I ask. "Well, you don't remember a lot, do you?" giggles the lady. "No, actually, I was.... what's the word? Unconcious, yeah." I reply. "Well, first off, the tsunami came, bumping buildings over, also tilting. The cars flew with the water, and when it eased down, you were lying on the ground. I would've tried to help you, but I didn't wanna endanger myself, so I turned on lights to guide you here. When you stood up, I was grateful you could walk, but then you fell to the ground." explained the lady. "Okay, now, can you help me?" I ask her, "Sure. I'd run through the door if I were you, though. " she said.. 


On what felt like the sixth floor. I feel more better know. I just need a doctor to check me to see i'm alright. "Hello?" says someone, catching my attention. "Who are you?" said the doctor, who was a man. He looked as if h- another earthquake began. 

"I'll tell you later. Can you HELP ME!" I begin to yell. Me and the doctor went under a table, and held onto it. The ceiling collapsed. Windows smashed. I heard other people screaming and wailing. "Drop, cover, hold, everyone!" yelled the doctor. The ground was shaking really hard. Then I felt gravity turn the wrong way. "What's happening?" I ask him. The doctor gasps, looking at the view outside. The damged buildings were tilting to the left. "We're falling.......WE'RE FAL-" he was immediately interrupted, because we were all sliding and falling to the wall on our right. 


BANG. Gravel falls onto the table, but thankfully, I am almost alright.


Coughing, I adjust my vision. A small fire lights the dark. I am trapped with other people, probably the only person under 16. Great. Now my night's gone worse. I have enough space to move. That's good. I see the doctor, coughing, waking up. "Everyone okay?" he asks. "I am. Beautiful night, eh?" ask him. I think about it. My first night outside of Auckland, and this happens. "We'll have to stay the night." the doctor advises us. "Oh! C'mon! Why!?" I yell to myself. I start to cry, but tears never ran down my tears. The doctor crawls and hugs me. "Don't worry. You'll be out in no time." he tells me,  "What's your name?" he asks me. "Willy. My name is Willy." I reply. "That's funny..." the doctor says to me, "Willy in Welly." he concludes. "Oh, very funny." I tell him sarcastically. I sleep again. Crikey, I have been sleeping a lot in one day!

The night grew old and soon day came into life.

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