Sunday, 20 April 2014

Disaster Writing 2 - Part One


Monday, 18th August 2014. 

3:55PM said my phone.

 I had landed in Wellington, the Windy City. I got off the plane and in the Wellington Airport, and my gosh was it warm! A couple of months after the Auckland Eruption, I still had the creeps. The city is still under rebuilt, houses are getting repaired, the roads are getting made. I came to Wellington for a week to visit my first cousin, whose name is Luke. You know, it was my first time out of Auckland. So cool. Anyway, my cousin invited me to his home, and it was really near the central. 4:32PM. "So, how is it here?" I ask, "Amazing! The centrel is so great. You should check it out sometime, Willy." Luke replied. "Alright then, so, do you have any SKY Televison?" I ask some more, "Nah, we got Freeview, because it's free." he replies. "Your Mum home?" I point out, "Oh, my Mum's not here. She's at work at the moment."

5:13PM, according to my phone, 

Luke's dad took us on the motorway in Downtown Wellington. As we drove by, I saw the sea on my left, and hills on my right. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. Me out of Auckland. Me in Wellington. For a week only, that is. What could possibly go wrong now?


Suddenly, everything shook, even the cars. Lightposts sway from side to side. "What's happening?" I ask Luke, "I don't kno-" Luke is interrputed by the Luke's dad driving, who was driving faster and faster. I heard the earth growl as if it never liked us. I yell. "Dad! Stop!" Luke yells. The Dad doesn't stop driving. Then, I heard a big, loud CRACK. The car was flying in mid-air. Time stopped. I saw the horror on Luke's face. I saw the road right in front of us. Smash. Glass flying. The car spinning. My view is upside-down. 

I blacked out.


I wake up on a servely cracked road. "Willy. Willy, are you alright?" Luke asked. I sit up. "I'm alright. Wha-what happened? Wh-where's your dad?" I ask, shaken, not knowing what happened during my blackout. Luke was bleeding from his head. "Well, first, when you blacked out, the car was speeding, then crashing into a truck. Car spinned and ended up like that..." explained Luke, pointing at the car we were in. "My dad....well, uh, the thing is that, uh, um..." Luke's voice breaks. "It's okay, Luke. St-stop crying." I say, knowing that if he didn't stop that I would start crying too. "Have you called the ambulance?" 

I stood up with Luke, who had stopped crying, but continues to sniff. "Crike..." I say, speechless of the view I'm seeing. "We should go check out the roads." I suggest. We walk across the road, looking at cars and trucks filled with smoke, people in them, but sadly, some of them have people in them are not responding. Right beside me is part of the motorway lifted up higher than my level. Probably 3 metres higher. "Wow. The quake was that strong." I tell myself. We both walk over to another side of the motorway. We see people. Injured people. "Help me........Help me....." groans a stranger. A woman stands up, fallen from her car during the quake, asking, "What are you two boys doing here?". "Justing looking at the damage done, ma'am." replies Luke. "Okay, then. Have youse seen any ambulances by any chance?" the lady asked again, "No." I said firmly. 

5:28PM said my phone, and Luke takes it from me and desperately calls his Mum.

"Mum, mum! Hello? Are you there? Please!? Are you okay?" he asks her, but all he heard was the sound of gravel falling. 

"What about my mum? How could she survive an earthquake like this?" Luke asks me, "I don't know, Luke." I reply, "She's either dead or alive, no one knows". "Well thank you for making me feel better." said Luke sarcastically. Sarcasm. It runs in the family. Back on our side of the motorway, I saw a horrible sight. The hill above us is burning with fire. I grab my phone out and call Emergency Services. Dang, forgot, the signal's down I thought. 

5:36PM now. 

Me and Luke were just about to go to the city until we hear faint yelling. "Help! Help! Someone please!" the voice yelled. Stay or Go? I think to myself. I was not selfish, and I also was not going to leave the person here, left for dead. Just like what my friend did to me when the eruption happened. 

"C'mon Luke, let's find the person and help them." I say, 
"But Willy! We have to go no-" 
"No Luke, I don't care, let's help the person out. Are you that selfish?" I interrupt Luke, and when he thought about it, he said, "Fine, then, let's go.". 


Me and Luke run over to a woman stuck in her car on one on the rails, with a lightpost on the front of her car. "Are you alright?" Luke asked, "I don't know. Just ple-please help me." mumbled the woman, shaking, worried she couldn't get out. Me and Luke try to pull the car door open, but it's stuck. "Okay, now, don't worry, okay?" I advise to the woman. I turn around. "Can someone help us here!" I yell to the people. Some men come towards us, uninjured. Thank goodness. "What you need help with, kid?" asks on man, "I need some help opening this door. It-it's stuck." I explain to them. "Alright." replies another man. 

We all grab the door, and the lady moves back. "Okay, on the count of three,!" I advise them, and they pull with all their strength. We all groan. "C'mon, men!" yells one of the helpers. While pulling I hear a faint sound. Looking up, I find out what the sound came from. Some water rising. It's too hard to see because it's too far away. We nearly too late. 


"Hurry!" I yell to the men and Luke. BANG! The door swings open, causing all of us to fall. Dirty water. "Damn! My seatbelt! No!" yells the woman. "Who's got a knife?!" I ask. "Here! Sharp glass!" Luke tells me, handing me some sharp glass, with a pointy end. "Watch out..." I advise the woman. The fabric breaks when I cut it. The woman can escape now. "Thank you!" says the woman, crying. She's bleeding to the head. "Whoa!" yells an injured fella, running up from his boat at where the sea was. "Are you okay?" says one of the men who helped us, "Yes, I all good. Youse need to go now." he replied, with a warning to us. "Oh, no." said Luke. The tidal wave comes closer. "Come on." I say to them. "Run, c'mon!" I yell to them all. 

5:49PM. Impact.

It was too quick to recall. I'm running. Panting. Luke looks back, and he screams. The men are running with us, along with the woman. "Ru-" I say, but I am interrupted because I am swept into the tsunami. I couldn't swim. I couldn't talk. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't do anything. I didn't know if I'd ever wake up again. Maybe I have finally gone to "sleep". 

Or have I?

Would I survive, or not?

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