Monday, 10 March 2014

Welcoming Mr Wong

This week, Room 8 had a new teacher from the Manaiakalani Digital Teachers Academy, and his name is Mr Wong. He was born in New Zealand, but his ancestors were from China. Mr Wong has been to many places around the world like Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Australia. 

5 new facts about Mr Wong I know is that:

  1. He is married and has a child.
  2. He has climbed up Mt Fuji, which the biggest mountain in Japan, and is literally a little taller than Mt Cook. Heights: Mt Cook - 3,754 metres and Mt Fuji - 3,776 metres!
  3. He can speak Japanese.
  4. He also knows a Bujinkan, a Japanese martial art.
  5. There was one time where he walked up the Great Wall of China for an hour, then ran down to a bus at the bottom in five minutes. I also learned that some stairs of the Great Wall come in different sizes, so it wasn't even.
We are all so happy to have him in our class!

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