Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday Writing: Flashmob + Softball Tournament

Hi Blog!

Just got bored so I came here. I went online and watched some movies from my school. One of them were "Flash Mob". The title says it all. It's so exhilarating watching it, like you're actually there in a person's view, but how do I know that? Because I've been there. Except I wasn't filming, nor dancing, but watching the students dancing. You can see me in the video...

Yeah, even years ago I had ^awkward moments. Still, the flashmob was great, everyone moving and dancing, the song loud, and did I mention that the song choice was really good? Now I did. The video is below. Sad everything went back to normal as soon as it ended.

Other things on my mind, oh yes, the Softball Championships. 

Last time, the Year 7 Boys Team went to the Intermediate Softball Champions, and I came too, because I was part of the team. At the end of the tournament, we came 1st! Where the Year 8 Boys came 2nd to last, but they did try their best. 

Now since the win, the Year 7 Boys team were qualified for the Auckland Championships, and man was there so many people there. We were playing the best teams in Auckland. At the end, we came 7th. The important thing is that we tried our best and had a good time.

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