Thursday, 27 March 2014

Labels Word Cloud

Tonight, yes, tonight I decided that since i'm nearly at the big number, I should blog something about my labels. Yes, my labels. They have helped me through, somehow. I've heard that labels could get people onto your blog, so for example, if someone were to search up "Tamaki Primary", they will find a student's blog. I have made a word cloud of all my labels. As of the 27th of March, these are my labels...

They also share moments while I had this blog, like "Buddy". I am talking about my buddy I had last year, who was Kanye, and also that talks about the book Room 5 read last year, Buddy. Another label that stunned me was, "Movie", it was fun filming, and it was also fun editing movies back in 2012. I also remember my Mum watching the movies, and also my sister. "Holiday" is a good one, as I usually do posts during the holidays, whether its the short, two-week one, or the long, Christmas and New Years ones. Just to point out something, do I have a LOT of labels?

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Manaiakalani said...

You have made very effective use of labels Willie. This was a great idea to create a word cloud of them.

Mrs Burt

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