Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Homework for T1W9 - Wednesday

Writing: Current Events

Homeless Man Fatally Assaulted

Who: 49 year old Maqbool Hussain, Detective Inspector Chris Cahill.

What: A homeless man was found dead behind a disused grocery store. Police have said it was homicide, and has called it Operation Gridley. They have also talked to others who have seen Mr Hussain alive before his death.

When: The event happened between the 22nd March and the 24th of March. The article was made on March 26th.

Where: Balmoral, Auckland.

Reading Log: 26/03/14

Trapped: Chapter Nine:

This chapter talks about how Paula tries to help herself and Zak, and stands up, but sadly, an avalanche of rubble falls down on the two. Paula sleeps, and dreams of her trying to catch up with her sister, but when her sister starts chanting "Slowcoach" she falls down into darkness, with scrabble letters raining. She wakes up, and Zak has found a tunnel. Paula starts to think if something good might happen there, or something bad. She also thinks that if she removes one of the sacks she finds later, that a smiling skull could be behind it.

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