Thursday, 6 February 2014

Waitangi Day

Happy Waitangi Day! One of the historic days in New Zealand history. Some people call this day, "New Zealand Day" because they say New Zealand was made from the Waitangi Treaty, signed in Waitangi. It is a public holiday, so, most people don't go to work, and children don't go to school.

I watched the news today and one of the celebrations I heard about were these kites floating across the wind. That was cool, with the cool flags and people. Fun fact: Today is also the day that marks 50 years since the Beatles first performance on American television, on the Ed Sullivan Show.

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Taylor T said...

Hey Willy,

Just reading half of this paragraph makes me realize how important waitangi day is. You are such a creative thinker and leaner. You have used superb words in your sentences. Keep Up The Great Thinking!

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