Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Lost Blogpost: Part Three: My Uncle's Gone

Here's the last part of the lost blogpost I haven't mentioned about for the past 7 months. I was at the part where I was sleeping, that's right...

I was sleeping just after the party. Few hours later, almost at 5AM, I start to get a blocked nose. I didn't know why, but I had to stop it. I always had a fear of having blocked noses during sleep, because then you'd have trouble while breathing through your nose. My vision was hazy when I stepped out of bed and walked across the hallway, but I could see one thing. Light. 

The light from the television. "Who watches TV at this time of night?" I thought. "Junior.", I guess. I tip-toed down my way through, but since my vision was hazy, I miss a step, causing me to fall, but luckily I caught the rail at the side of the stairs. Finally, I reach downstairs. I look at my left. Wierd. It's not Junior. It was just Leneh and her friends in the living room. I couldn't tell if they were looking at me or not, so I kept walking to the medicine box, where I find a Vicks. "Yes!" I say. 

Back up the stairs I went. Banged a toe. Ouch. Quickly, I go in the bedroom, turn on the light, sit on the side of the bed, open the Vicks lid, take a fingerful of the cream, touch my nostrils and...."Ooohhh......" I say in a quiet, weird, voice. I quickly go downstairs, put the Vicks back, and go back up to sleep.

The next morning, I did the usual, brush teeth, wash face, go downstairs, but then I saw Leneh and her friends clean up some rubbish outside. Abbie goes to help, but I found what I wanted ever since last night....the birthday cake. No one was looking, and I had only one chance, so I did it. I eat the cake like a lion. "Haha! Yes!" I thought, but a question goes by at each bite, "Where's Junior?". I ask Dad. Then the heartbreaking words came in...

"Junior's gone..."

"What! How?" I complain. "He went early this morning, before 4:30, maybe." added Dad. My jaw opens. "I woke up before 5!" I say. "Did you say goodbye to him?" Dad asked, "No, I think I woke up after he went." I reply. Dad laughs. It was funny, in a way. I ate some very hard chips Leneh gave me, well, Abbie took it then I took it from her. After cleaning up Juniors room, Leneh and her friends go off. All there is left is just the tent, I mean, gazebo. "So...what happened at the party while I was inside?" I asked Dad, "Nothing much, except this girl tried to climb the tree." Dad replied.

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